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Fort McClellan Radiological Instruction Area (ARMS-II)

Description: Report documenting the survey of the U. S. Army Chemical Corps Schoo, Radiological Instruction Area, Fort Mclellan, Alabama. This survey measures radiation an d gamma-ray flux in an approximately one square mile area.
Date: March 26, 1962
Creator: Guillou, R. B.

Magnetic Acceleration of a Plasma by a Rail Source

Description: Abstract: "Two parallel wires close together with an arc between them form a hairpin-type of current configuration which should magnetically propel the plasma of the arc. By the time-of-flight measurements with probes it has been demonstrated that directed translational energies of 290 ev can be imparted to deuterons in a plasma produced by a high-current pulsed arc at the tips of two titanium wires loaded with deuterium. It is believed that three deuterons are actually magnetically propelled."
Date: March 18, 1955
Creator: Bostick, Winston H.

Transient Temperature Variations During the Self-Heating of a Plasma by Thermonuclear Reactions

Description: Abstract: "The possibility of transient temperature variations during the self-heating of a plasma by thermonuclear reactions was investigated. Calculations were performed on an IBM Card Program Calculator. Estimates of the time scale for self-heating were obtained. It was concluded that it would be unsafe to assume that the nuclear temperature is always equal to or greater than the electron temperature in a discussion of plasma instabilities for a plasma with 10 percent or greater tritium concentration."
Date: March 21, 1955
Creator: Greyber, Howard D.

Extrusion Cladding of Fuel Element

Description: From introduction: "This investigation was undertaken with the general objective of determining whether uranium core could be sheathed with aluminum by an extrusion-cladding process. The ultimate objective of this work was to determine the feasibility of extrusion cladding flat plates of uranium."
Date: March 22, 1955
Creator: Slunder, C. J.; Fiorentino, R. J. & Hall, A. M.