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Primary view of Off-Site Radiological Safety Report, Carlsbad, New Mexico
Placak, O. R.
January 1, 1961
Primary view of Uranium in Granites From the Southwestern United States: Actinide Parent-Daughter Systems, Sites and Mobilization: First Year Report, [Color Figures]
Silver, L. T.; Williams, I. S. & Woodhead, J. A.
October 1980
Primary view of Reconnaissance of Titaniferous Sandstone Deposits of Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado
Dow, Vernon T. & Batty, J. Vance
Primary view of New Hot Laboratory Facilities at Los Alamos
Wherritt, Charles R.; Franke, Paul R.; Field, R. E. & Lyle, A. R.
January 1, 1962
Primary view of Petroleum Engineering Report, Big Spring Field and Other Fields in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico
Carpenter, Charles B. & Hill, Harry Blackburn
November 1936
Primary view of Trends in the Use of Energy in the Western States, With Particular Reference to Coal
Parry, V. F.
January 1943
Primary view of Investigation of Capitan Iron Deposits, Lincoln County, New Mexico: Supplement to R. I. 4022
SouleĢ, John H.
August 1949
Primary view of Geophysical Investigation of Manganiferous Iron Deposits, Boston Hill, Grant County, New Mexico
Joesting, H. R.; Bacon, L. O. & Getz, J. H.
February 1948
Primary view of Lake Valley Manganese Deposits, Sierra County, New Mexico
Apell, G. A.; Hazen, Scott W. & Howe, E. G.
June 1947
Primary view of United States Earthquakes, 1938
unknown creator
Primary view of Effects of Desulfurization on the Lead Susceptibility of Distillates From Some Crude Oils From Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma
Guthrie, Boyd & Simmons, M. C.
November 1943
Primary view of Reservoir Characteristics of the Eunice Oil Field, Lea County, New Mexico
Anderson, C. C.; Hinson, H. H. & Schroeder, H. J.
July 1939
Primary view of Geology, Resistivity, and Hydrochemistry of the Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Area, Northern New Mexico
Stix, J.; Pearson, C.; Vuataz, F.; Goff, F.; East, J. & Hoffers, B.
January 1, 1982
Primary view of Clastic Pipes of Probable Solution-Collapse Origin in Jurassic Rocks of the Southern San Juan Basin, New Mexico
Hunter, Ralph E.; Gelfenbaum, Guy & Rubin, David M.
Primary view of Latitudes and Longitudes of Certain Points in Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico
Woodward, Robert Simpson
Primary view of On a Group of Volcanic Rocks from the Tewan Mountains, New Mexico and on the Occurrence of Primary Quartz in Certain Basalts
Iddings, Joseph Paxson
Primary view of Bibliography of the Geology and Hydrology of the Albuquerque Greater Urban Area, Bernalillo and Parts of Sandoval, Santa Fe, Socorro, Torrance, and Valencia Counties, New Mexico
Wright, Ann Finley
Primary view of Loss of Life Among Wearers of Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
Grove, G. W.
April 1944
Primary view of Safety Cars of the United States Bureau of Mines
Forbes, J. J. & Ankeny, M. J.
March 1931
Primary view of Some Haulage and Hoisting Hazards in Western Mines
Denny, E. H. & Humphrey, H. B.
December 1942
Primary view of Advanced oil recovery technologies for improved recovery from slope basin clastic reservoirs, Nash Draw Brushy Canyon Pool, Eddy County, NM. Quarterly technical progress report
Murphy, M. B.
April 22, 1996
Primary view of Review of State Mine Inspector's Reports as They Relate to Accidents from Falls of Roof
Paul, James Washington
April 1929
Primary view of Annual Report of Research and Technologic Work on Coal: Fiscal Year 1941
Fieldner, Arno Carl & Schmidt, L. D.
November 1941
Primary view of Migration of cesium-137 through a solid core of Magenta dolomite taken from th Rustler Formation in Southeastern New Mexico
Lynch, A. W.; Dosch, R. G. & Hills, C. R.
March 1981
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