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Corrosion of Redox Waste Storage Tank Construction Materials

Description: From introduction:"It was the aim of this investigation to determine the resistance of several materials of construction to current and anticipated and anticipated Hanford separation process waste streams under specific conditions. The corrosion rates of mild steel and austenitic stainless steel and the resistance of several commercial protective coatings were established."
Date: August 21, 1950
Creator: Koenig, W. W. & Sanborn, K. L.

Preparation and Properties of RAF Solutions : Low Acid TBP Flowsheets HW Number 4 and HW Number 5

Description: This report follows work with the purposes of determining the minimum amount of nitric acid required to dissolve slurries of stored metal waste, determining the stability of such metastable solutions as a function of their chemical compositions - primarily acidity - versus time and temperature, and to define a feed suitable for a low-acid TBP process flowsheet, and to indicate the range of variations in composition which can be tolerated for plant operation.
Date: July 25, 1950
Creator: Maness, R. F. & Harmon, M. K.

The Absorption and Translocation of Several Fission Elements by Russian Thistle

Description: Abstract: An investigation was conducted to determine the absorption and translocation of fission products by Russian thistle from a localized spot of contaminated soil. The amount and identity of the radioactive elements absorbed and translocated by the Russian thistle is given along with the location of these elements in the plants. Beta radioactivity to the amounts of 10 microcuries per gram caused no visible effects on the growth habits of sectioned material are included.
Date: June 8, 1950
Creator: Selders, A. A.

Examination of Masonite in Biological Shield : Interim Report

Description: Introduction: "Evidence of masonite deterioration in test hole plugs was interpreted to mean that a previous estimate of the minimum lifetime of the masonite in a Hanford biological shield might be somewhat optimistic. The importance of understanding the effects of radiations on masonite for both present and future pile shields dictated that masonite be sampled from an operating pile shield and studied. The results and techniques are discussed in the following sections of this report."
Date: June 28, 1950
Creator: Dickeman, R. L.

Corrosion of Construction Materials in TBP (HW-3 Flowsheet) Process Streams

Description: Introduction:"A corrosion test program to determine the effect TBP process streams, which contain chlorides, have upon the corrosion resistance of several construction materials, was completed. Data are presented on the performance of Carpenter 20, T-309SCb, T-347. T-316 and tantalum in the RAF and RAW process streams and on the performance of titanium and zirconium in the RAW stream."
Date: November 1, 1950
Creator: Koenig, W. W. & Sanborn, K. L.

The Coulometric Determination of Acid

Description: Introduction: "The need for a method of acid determination which could be used for small samples and easily adapted to remote control led to the investigation of the use of electrolytically generated base for the titration of acid in certain solutions. The use of electrolytically generated base for the titration of acetic acid in the presence of nitric acid has been reported (1)."
Date: March 1, 1950
Creator: Carson, W. N. & Ko, Roy