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Improved Spectrographic Analysis of Uranium and Plutonium by the Carrier Concentration Method

Description: Introduction: "The carrier (pyroelectric) concentration method is commonly used in the spectrographic analysis of plutonium metal. This report describes work which lead to substantial improvements in accuracy, precision and ease with which the analysis is made. Included are data from analyses of plutonium metal by the original and the improved carrier methods, and the cupferron extraction method."
Date: October 7, 1952
Creator: Daniel, J. L.

Development of the Hanford Slave Manipulator for Use in the Multicurie Cells at Hanford

Description: Introduction: "During the early planning of the multicurie cells at Hanford it was decided that a slave type manipulator would be necessary to perform the experiments for which the cells were being designed. The design required steel roofs for installation through a port hole in the face. Technical Services Equipment Development began developing the proposed manipulator in January 1951 by making a study of those existing at that tune. None met the requirements which had been established; therefore, the design of a special manipulator was started immediately."
Date: October 31, 1952
Creator: Field, Richard E. & Gifford, John F.

The Determination of U²³⁷ and Fission-Product Contamination in Uranium Recovered by the Redox Process

Description: Introduction: "When uranium slugs are irradiated in the Hanford piles, one of the many substances formed is U-237. It arises primarily from the reaction: U-238 (n,2n) U-237. This uranium isotope is a beta and gamma emitter with a half-life of 6.7 days. Because it is isotopic with U-238, it accompanies the uranium recovered by the Redox Process, and its concentration is, of course, not diminished by the fission-product decontamination cycles. As a consequence, the maximum total decontamination of irradiated uranium which can be achieved depends upon the quantity of U-237 present in the processed uranium."
Date: October 1, 1952
Creator: Leboeuf, M. B.

Determination of Americium

Description: The following report describes a successful procedure used for the determination of americium in the presence of plutonium. Provided are articles listed that describe the research done in developing the method.
Date: October 15, 1952
Creator: Schmidt, H. R.