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Heating in the Graphite Due to a Cadmium Control Rod

Description: From introduction: "This paper employs a multigroup method similar to that of J. S. Story, AERE-TR-177 to calculate, for cylindrical geometry, that heat energy source density in graphite due to absorption and Compton scattering of those gammas produced by neutron capture in a water filled cadmium control rod."
Date: September 29, 1951
Creator: Newkirk, W. H.

The Identification and Determination of Trace Amounts of Rare Earth Elements in Graphite by Neutron Activation

Description: Abstract: "A method is described for the identification and quantitative determination of trace amounts of rare earths in graphite by measurement of the energies and decays of the activities induced by neutron irradiation. The specific rare earth elements identified are europium and samarium. During the development of this method, the half-lives of Eu-152 and Sm-153 were determined. These are reported as 9.32 +/- 0.04 hours and 46.34 +/- 0.23 respectively."
Date: September 1, 1949
Creator: Ross, A. M.