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A Microdetermination of Uranium by Ferric Sulfate Titration

Description: Abstract: "Following nitrate removal by means of a three-stage hydrochloric acid digestion, uranium was reduced with chromous sulfate reagent. In an inert atmosphere, the quadrivalent uranium was titrated at 80-95[degrees] with standard ferric sulfate solution. The end point was obtained with a potentiometric cell including a platinum in-titrant reference electrode and a platinum indicator electrode. Application was made to various low leverl uranium solutions. For samples containing 1 - 12 milligrams or uranium, less than one percent error may be expected. Iron and chromium do not interfere."
Date: February 16, 1949
Creator: Christopherson, E. W.

A Description of the Acetone-Dye Solution Method of Demarcating a Leak Process Tubing While in the Pile

Description: Abstract: "A method has been devised and successfully used for marking a leaking pile process tube prior to its removal from the pile, such that subsequent location of the leak is more easily accomplished. An acetone solution of Testor's Dark Red Airplane Dope is poured into the suspect tube. The solution leaks from the hole and stains the surrounding area a light pink. To date the method has been used on tubes 3573F, 0486F, 0867F, and 3670F."
Date: July 16, 1952
Creator: DeHollander, W. R.

The Coulometric Determination of Acetic Acid

Description: Abstract: "Small amounts of acetic acid, equivalent to 400 ul. of 0.3 to 0.13 g/L. can be titrated coulonatrically in the presence of a 10 to 25-fold excess of HN03 in 70%, isopropanol. An accuracy of +/- 0.1% and a precision of +/- 8.5% (99% limite) are obtained.
Date: August 16, 1949
Creator: Carson, W. N. & Ko, Roy

The Coulometric Titration of 8-Hydroxyquinoline

Description: Abstract: "A new method of determining 8-hydroxyquinoline by titration with electrolytucally-generated bromine has been developed. Results show good precision in the range 0.4 mg. to 1.6 mg. total 8-hydroxyquinoline, with 99% confidence limits of less than +/- 2%. An electronically-regulated constant current source, required by the method, is described. A new indicator system with high sensitivity to free bromine is discussed."
Date: June 16, 1949
Creator: Carson, W. N.

Diameter Measurements of Slugs Before and After Prolonged Heat Treatment

Description: Abstract: "Diameter measurements of 25 slugs taken before and after a prolonged heat treatment showed no evidence of differences that would indicate blistering. The average effects of the treatment was different for the various slugs. Large differences in diameter measurements between slugs. Large differences in diameter between slugs and significant differences between indices and positions were found."
Date: February 16, 1948
Creator: Bennett, Carl A. & Lane, J. J.

The Valve Actuated Pulse Column Design

Description: Abstract: "The valve-actuated pulse column is employed to give phase separation on each half cycle in the countercurrent flow cycle and provides independent control over each step in the cycle. The dependence on temperature of operation, on pulse frequency and amplitude, and on plate design and spacing has been studied for extraction and stripping of uranium with tributyl phosphate in a hydrocarbon diluent. It is found that the efficiency increases quite significantly as the temperature is raised regardless of the direction of transfer and this increased efficiency is accompanied by greater operational freedom. A decrease in hole size, decrease in plate separation and increase in frequency all lead to higher efficiency in agreement with the concept that small drops continually formed coalesced and reformed, lead to maximum interphase transfer. The high extraction efficiency of the column is probably aided further by the relatively sharp pulse produced."
Date: February 16, 1953
Creator: Burger, L. L. & Clark, L. H.