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The Mechanism of Carrying Pu(III) on Lanthanum Fluoride

Description: From introduction: "Analytical procedures for the determination of plutonium samples from the extraction and concentration plants utilize the carrying of the hydroxylamine-reduced trivulent plutonium by coprecipitation on lanthanum fluoride. Most other plutonium procedures also take advantage of the efficient carrying on lanthanum fluoride."
Date: April 15, 1952
Creator: Ralphs, Delbert Lloyd

Effects of Furnance Pressures on Quality of Remelted Uranium : Final Report, Production Test 314-59-M

Description: The following report follows a test for remelting and casting uranium scrap specified that a pressure of 25 microns or less must be attained within the furnace before a charge is melted. The report was made to evaluate the effect of furnace pressures upon the quality if recast uranium metal.
Date: February 15, 1951
Creator: Kattner, W. T.

Electroless Nickel Plating

Description: Summary: "This investigation showed that a sound , weather-resistant coating can be applied to uranium that the surface to be plated is cleaned and etched properly. Using the proposed two-bath plating method at 80 C., a four-mil nickel coat can be deposited in thirteen hours."
Date: November 15, 1950
Creator: Groot, C. & Hopkins, H. H.

Determination of Americium

Description: The following report describes a successful procedure used for the determination of americium in the presence of plutonium. Provided are articles listed that describe the research done in developing the method.
Date: October 15, 1952
Creator: Schmidt, H. R.

Laboratory Demonstration of Redox Feed Head-End Treatment ; Ruthenium Volatilization and Manganese Dioxide Scavenging

Description: From introduction: "The prime motive behind the experiments described in this report and in those preceding it in this series is the desire to reduce the number of Redox cycles necessary for decontamination from fission products of the plutonium and uranium streams sufficient to allow final disposition of these two products...This report deals with the mechanics of manganese dioxide handing, laboratory development of manganese dioxide scavenging, and a series of experiments at multicurie level combining ruthenium volatilization and manganese dioxide scavenging in stainless steel equipment."
Date: July 15, 1951
Creator: Hicks, H. G.; McCormack, C. G. & Roake, W. E.