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Radiological survey of the inactive uranium-mill tailings at Falls City, Texas

Description: Results of a radiological survey conducted at the Falls City, Texas, site in July 1976 are presented. There are seven partial to fully stabilized tailings piles, and an overburden pile from an open-pit mine. Above ground gamma-ray exposure rate measurements show moderate levels of contamination throughout the area with a maximum exposure rate of 500 ..mu..R/hr above tailings pile 2. The average exposure rate over the different areas varied from 14 ..mu..R/hr over the southwest end of tailings pile 7 to 207 ..mu..R/hr over the northeast end of the same pile. Analyses of surface soil and dry-wash sediment samples, as well as calculations of subsurface /sup 226/Ra distribution, serve to define the spread of tailings around the area. Water erosion of the tailings is evident, but, because of abundant growth of vegetation on the tailings piles, wind erosion probably is not a major problem.
Date: October 1, 1980
Creator: Haywood, F. F.; Christian, D. J.; Loy, E. T.; Lorenzo, D. & Ellis, B. S.
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Single particle behavior in plasmas

Description: The paper follows the history of a neutral atom or molecule into a plasma--ionization, dissociation, radiation,--until it becomes a set of charged particles moving in the electromagnetic fields of the plasma system. The various useful forms of the method of averaging are displayed and applied to calculation of constants of motion. The breakdown of these constants is discussed along with some of the implications for fusion systems.
Date: March 10, 1977
Creator: McNamara, B.
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Radionuclides in plankton from the South Pacific Basin

Description: We have initiated an investigation of the utility of marine plankton as bioconcentrating samplers of low-level marine radioactivity in the southern hemisphere. A literature review has shown that both freshwater and marine plankton have trace element and radionuclide concentration factors (relative to water) of up to 10/sup 4/. We participated in Operations Deepfreeze 1981 and 1982, collecting a total of 48 plankton samples from the USCGC Glacier on its Antarctic cruises. Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories sampled air, water, rain, and fallout. We were able to measure concentrations in plankton of the naturally-occurring radionuclides /sup 7/Be, /sup 40/K, and the U and Th series, and we believe that we have detected low levels of /sup 144/Ce and /sup 95/Nb in seven samples ranging as far south as 68/sup 0/. Biological identification of the plankton suggests a possible correlation between radionuclide concentration and the protozoa content of the samples. 7 references, 5 figures.
Date: March 23, 1984
Creator: Marsh, K.V. & Buddemeier, R.W.
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Hot helium flow test facility summary report

Description: This report summarizes the results of a study conducted to assess the feasibility and cost of modifying an existing circulator test facility (CTF) at General Atomic Company (GA). The CTF originally was built to test the Delmarva Power and Light Co. steam-driven circulator. This circulator, as modified, could provide a source of hot, pressurized helium for high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) and gas-cooled fast breeder reactor (GCFR) component testing. To achieve this purpose, a high-temperature impeller would be installed on the existing machine. The projected range of tests which could be conducted for the project is also presented, along with corresponding cost considerations.
Date: June 1, 1980
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Cross-Spectral Study of the Spatial Relationships in the North Pacific Sea-Surface Temperature Anomaly Field. Report No. 23

Description: Cross-spectral analysis is used to examine the dependence of the temporal covariation of sea-surface temperature (SST) anomalies at pairs of spatially separated points in the North Pacific on (1) the time scale of the variations, (2) the relative displacement of the points and (3) their location within the North Pacific basin. Spatial scales considered here range from 1000 kilometers up to the width of the basin. The study focuses on cross-spectral estimates for the interannual frequency band, 0.125-0.75 yr/sup -1/ although estimates for three other bands spanning higher frequencies are also examined.
Date: March 1, 1980
Creator: Middleton, J.W.
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Description: A full scale 15 deg sector of the P122 reactor configuration was constructed. The model was complete with respect to all internal cooling air passages, and reflectors, thermal shielding, and island reflector. The contract was terminated before any test data could be obtained. Investigation of the effect of atmospheric dust on performance of reactor systems using wire screen matrix fuel elements is reported. The interim conclusion is that dust would not limit aircraft performance or life. Work proposed but not completed is outlined. Appendices contain previously unpublished reports. (auth)
Date: May 25, 1961
Creator: Venneman, W.F.; Lawrence, R.L. & Ryan, P.T.
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SNAP II Power Conversion System Topical Report No. 16, 2500-Hour Endurance Test of Mercury Rankine Cycle Power System

Description: SNAP 1 is the designation for the 0.5-kw nuclear auxiliary power supply intended for application in a satellite. SNAP 1 was designed to convert thermal energy from the decay of a radioisotope into electrical energy using a Rankine engine with mercury as the working fluid. A successful 2500-hour endurance test is described of a complete developmental version of the SNAP 1 power conversion system utilizing a prototype turbomachinery package, an electrically heated boiler, and an air-cooled condenser. Indications from the data obtained during the test and from inspection of the system following the test were that many more hours of satisfactory operation could have been obtained on all major system components except the rotating unit pump. The mercury-lubricated bearings, the turbine, and the alternator, all demonstrated excellent endurance capability. Based on previous component tests, it is concluded that the pump performance deterioration was caused by air entrainment in the liquid Hg. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1961
Creator: Grevstad, P.E.
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Two exercises in supersymmetry: a low-energy supergravity model and free string field theory

Description: The new features of a supersymmetric standard model in the presence of heavy families are studied. The minimal set of Higgs fields, the desert between the electroweak and the grand unification scale and perturbative values of the dimensionless parameters throughout this region are assumed. Using the numerical as well as the approximate analytic solution of the renormalization group equations, the evolution of all the parameters of the theory are studied in the case of large Yukawa couplings for the fourth family. The desired spontaneous symmetry breaking of the electroweak symmetry takes place only for a rather unnatural choice of the initial values of certain mass parameters at the grand unification scale. If it is gravitino mass smaller than 200 GeV the vacuum expectation values of the Higgs fields emerge necessarily in an interplay of the tree level Higgs potential and its quantum corrections and are approximately equal. The qurak masses of the fourth family are roughly 135 GeV, while the mass of the fourth charged lepton has an upper bound of 90 GeV. Further characteristic features of this scenario are one light neutral Higgs field of mass 50 GeV and gluino masses below 75 GeV. If the gravitino mass is higher than 200 GeV one obtains a scaled up version of the well-known three family, heavy top scenario with quark masses between 40 and 205 GeV and all superparticle masses heavier than 150 GeV except the photino, gluino, one chargino and one neutralino. The gauge-invariant theory of the free bosonic open string is generalized to treat closed strings and superstrings. All of these theories can be written as theories of string differential forms defined on suitable spaces. All of the bosonic theories have exactly the same structure; the Ramond theory takes an analogous first-order form. We show explicitly, how to …
Date: September 1, 1986
Creator: Preitschopf, C.R.
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Assessment of research and development (R and D) needs in ammonia safety and environmental control

Description: This report characterizes the ammonia industry operations, reviews current knowledge of ammonia release and subsequent impacts, summarizes the status of release prevention and control methods and identify research and development needs for safety and environmental control. Appendices include: accidental spills and human exposure; adiabatic mixing of liquid nitrogen and air; fire and explosion hazards; and environmental impact rating tables. (PSB)
Date: September 1, 1981
Creator: Brenchley, D.L.; Athey, G.F. & Bomelburg, H.J.
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Aerodynamic Re-Entry Analysis. Task 2. Thermoelectric Generator Summary Report

Description: An analytical trajectory and aerothermodynamic analysis of a satellite containing a Task 2 thermoelectric generator was completed. A 300-statute mile circular polar orbit was used for this analysis and the launch was assumed to be from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Results of this study show that upon natural decay from a successful mission, the radio-cerium fuel will burn up in space at high altitude, thus only a very minor amount of radio cerium will be released to the stratosphere. A complete analyses of the fate of the radio-cerium fuel following various aborted launching attempts also was carried out. Charts summarizing the various assumed failures and locations of the fuel following failure are shown. A technical discussion of the methods used in performing the analysis is included in the report. (auth)
Date: December 27, 1960
Creator: Oehrli, R.
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Experience base for Radioactive Waste Thermal Processing Systems: A preliminary survey

Description: In the process of considering thermal technologies for potential treatment of the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory mixed transuranic contaminated wastes, a preliminary survey of the experience base available from Radioactive Waste Thermal Processing Systems is reported. A list of known commercial radioactive waste facilities in the United States and some international thermal treatment facilities are provided. Survey focus is upon the US Department of Energy thermal treatment facilities. A brief facility description and a preliminary summary of facility status, and problems experienced is provided for a selected subset of the DOE facilities.
Date: April 1, 1992
Creator: Mayberry, J.; Geimer, R.; Gillins, R.; Steverson, E.M.; Dalton, D. (Science Applications International Corp., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)) & Anderson, G.L. (EG and G Idaho, Inc., Idaho Falls, ID (United States))
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COMP: a BASIC language nonlinear least-squares curve fitting program

Description: COMP is an interactive nonlinear least squares routine written in BASIC language and used to obtain estimates of parameters in nonlinear functions and to approximate their associated statistical errors. The program uses the linearizing (or Taylor Series) expansion of partial derivatives outlined in Draper and Smith, (1966, pp. 267 to 270). Therefore, partial derivatives must be supplied (as well as the function) by the user for any new models not currently contained in the programs. When a linearizing method is used to estimate parameters in a nonlinear model, all the usual procedures of linear regression theory can be applied. However, the results so obtained are only valid insofar as the linearized form approximates the true model. All of the statistics computed by COMP should be viewed with this restriction in mind. The output of COMP includes the variance-covariance matrix, t-tests for parameters, Von Neumann's ratio, observed, predicted and residual values, the error mean square, and an optional procedure to evaluate heteroscedasticity.
Date: November 1, 1977
Creator: Thomas, J. M.; Cochran, M. I.; Watson, C. R. & Eberhardt, L. L.
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Low-Cost Solar Array Project. Progress report 14, August 1979-December 1979 and proceedings of the 14th Project Integration Meeting

Description: Progress made by the Low-Cost Solar Array Project during the period August through November 1979, is described. Progress on project analysis and integration; technology development in silicon material, large-area sheet silicon, and encapsulation; production process and equipment development; engineering, and operations, and the steps taken to integrate these efforts are detailed. A report on the Project Integration Meeting held December 5-6, 1979, including copies of the visual materials used, is presented.
Date: January 1, 1980
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Enhanced oil recovery by CO/sub 2/ foam flooding. Annual report, October 1, 1982-September 30, 1983

Description: The objective is to identify commercially available additives which are effective in reducing the mobility of carbon dioxide, CO/sub 2/, thereby improving its efficiency in the recovery of tertiary oil, and which are low enough in cost to be economically attractive. During the past year significant progress has been made in developing a commercial method of reducing the mobility of carbon dioxide in enhanced oil recovery processes. Four basic chemical structures, listed below, appear to show most promise for gas mobility control: (1) ethoxylated adducts of C/sub 8/ - C/sub 14/ linear alcohols; (2) sulfate esters of ethoxylated C/sub 9/ - C/sub 16/ linear alcohols; (3) low molecular weight co-polymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide; and (4) synthetic organic sulfonates. With the exception of the sulfonates, the above types are compatible with normal oil field brines, unaffected by the presence of crude oil and stable under conditions common in a petroleum reservoir. The second significant result during the year involves identification of several sulfonate structures that have high potential for mobility control for carbon dioxide. Commercial sulfonate additives are available that appear optimum for reservoirs where freshwater will be used to inject the surfactant solution. They can also be considered for limited brine applications, for as temperature increases the utility of sulfonates for mobility control also increases. This is encouraging since some of the previously identified additives are chemically unstable at temperatures encountered in most petroleum reservoirs. 113 references, 23 figures, 4 tables.
Date: December 22, 1983
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State-of-the-art for evaluating the potential impact of tectonism and volcanism on a radioactive waste repository

Description: Most estimates of the time required for safe isolation of radioactive wastes from the biosphere range from 100,000 to 1,000,000 years. For such long time spans, it is necessary to assess the potential effects of geologic processes such as volcanism and tectonic activity on the integrity of geologic repositories. Predictions of geologic phenomena can be based on probabilistic models, which assume a random distribution of events. The necessary historic and geologic records are rarely available to provide an adequate data base for such predictions. The observed distribution of volcanic and tectonic activity is not random, and appears to be controlled by extremely complex deterministic processes. The advent of global plate tectonic theory in the past two decades has been a giant step toward understanding these processes. At each potential repository site, volcanic and tectonic processes should be evaluated to provide the most thorough possible understanding of those deterministic processes. Based on this knowledge, judgements will have to be made as to whether or not the volcanic and tectonic processes pose unacceptable risk to the integrity of the repository. This report describes the potential hazards associated with volcanism and tectonism, and the means for evaluating these processes.
Date: July 16, 1980
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Correlation of alluvial deposits at the Nevada Test Site

Description: Because characteristics of rock layers and problems in drilling must be studied before radioactive waste can be safely contained, an evaluation was made of methods for correlating alluvial deposits at Yucca Flat of the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Although correlation of Tertiary volcanic tuff beds at the NTS has been successfully achieved, correlation of stratigraphic zones in the overlying alluvium has posed technical difficulties. We have evaluated several methods for correlating alluvial deposits from drillholes, including electric resistivity logs (E logs), visual examination of sidewall samples and comparison of their carbonate (CO/sub 2/) content, downhole stereo photography for identifying debris flow deposits, caliche age-dating, and specific yield and permeability measurements of deposits. For predicting the thickness of zones having similar physical properties in the alluvium, E log measurements were found to be the most useful of these methods.
Date: September 30, 1977
Creator: Grothaus, B. & Howard, N.
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