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Petroleum-Engineering Study of K.M.A. Reservoir, Southwestern Part K. M. A. Oil Field, Wichita and Archer Counties, Texas

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing investigations conducted on the K.M.A. oil field in Wichita and Archer Counties, Texas. History, geology, production data, and drilling methods used in the field are presented. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Date: June 1952
Creator: Dobyns, Rollie P.; Ayers, Marion L. & Lewis, Roger E.
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Production Potential of Copper Deposits Associated with Permian Red Bed Formations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines on the copper deposits in the Permian red beds from north-central Texas through Oklahoma, and into southwestern Kansas. Geologic and economic properties of the copper ore are documented. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: August 1970
Creator: Stroud, R. B.; McMahan, A. B.; Stroup, R. K. & Hibpshman, M. H.
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Contributions to Astrogeology, 1967-71

Description: From contributions of astrogeology: The principal goal of research in astrogeology is the solution of several cardinal problems of geology...The present volume is the first of a series of professional papers that will describe major results of research in astrogeology.
Date: 1972
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
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Geology of the southern Guadalupe Mountains, Texas

Description: From Abstract: "This report deals with an area of 425 square miles in the western part of Texas, immediately south of the New Mexico line. The report describes the geology of the area, that is, the nature of its rocks, tectonics, and surface features, and the evidence that they give as to the evolution of the area through geologic time. Incidental reference is made to the geology of surrounding regions in order to place the area in its environment."
Date: 1948
Creator: King, Philip B.

[DOPTAP Output Listings for National Topographic Map Section NI 13-6]

Description: DOPTAP computer output files for all profile data for the map lines and tie lines surveyed in a report to give the basic uranium, thorium and potassium equivalent gamma radiation intensities, ratios of these intensities, aircraft altitude above the earth's surface, total gamma ray and earth's magnetic field intensity, correlated as a function of geologic units indicated from available geologic maps. Results of analyses of these field data are presented as profile plots of the gamma radiation and earth's magnetic field.
Date: August 19, 1976
Creator: Geodata International

Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance Basic Data for Plainview NTMS Quadrangle, Texas: Appendix D

Description: From abstract: Results of a reconnaissance geochemical survey of the Plainview Quadrangle, Texas are reported. Field and laboratory data are presented for 969 groundwater samples and 571 stream sediment samples. Statistical and areal distributions of uranium and other possible uranium related variables are displayed. A generalized geologic map of the survey area is provided, and pertinent geologic factors which may be of significance in evaluating the potential for uranium mineralization are briefly discussed.
Date: June 8, 1978
Creator: National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program
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Stratigraphy of the Uranium-Bearing Rocks of the Karnes County Area, South-Central Texas -- A Preliminary Report

Description: Report discussing the stratigraphy of uraniferous rocks discovered near Tordilla Hill in Karnes County, Texas. The report contains sections on the stratigraphy of the area, the structure, uranium minerals, descriptions of individual prospects, and a summary.
Date: May 1956
Creator: Eargle, D. Hoye & Snider, John L.
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Salt in the Ochoa Series, New Mexico and Texas

Description: The following report is a synopsis of readily available information on the mineralogy, thickness and areal extent of soluble salt deposits in the Ochoa series of Permian age in southeastern New Mexico and western Texas. It's part of a more extensive investigation of salt being carried out by the U.S. Geological Survey in connection with its Investigation of Geologic Processes project on behalf of the Division of Research, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: December 1958
Creator: Hayes, Philip T.

Statistical Techniques Applied to Aerial Radiometric Surveys (STAARS): Principal Components Analysis User's Manual, Figure 8

Description: Clear film copy of figure 8 meant to be laid over figure 7 in a report regarding computer techniques for analyzing aerial radiometric surveys. The figure outlines numbered segments (explained on p. 35/36 of the report) that highlight specific geologic features in the area highlighted by the report.
Date: January 1981
Creator: Koch, C. D.; Pirkle, F. L. & Schmidt, J. S.
Location: None

Uranium Geochemical Survey in the Crystal City and Beeville Quadrangles, Texas: Appendix J

Description: Data collected as part of a uranium geochemical survey in the Crystal City and Beeville Quadrangles in Texas including laboratory data stream sediments and water, well water, and botanical samples for phase 1 (pp. 1-8); for phase 2 including the same with lake samples (pp 9-36); well water samples only for phase G (p. 37); and field data for all phases (pp. 38-374).
Date: February 11, 1977
Creator: Nichols, C. E.; Butz, T. R.; Cagle, G. W. & Kane, V. E.
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