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The Uranium Deposit at the Yellow Canary Claims, Daggett County, Utah

Description: Report discussing the Yellow Canary claims uranium deposit on the west side of Red Creek Canyon in the northern part of the Uinta Mountains, Daggett County, Utah. "The claims have been developed by two adits, three open cuts, and several hundred feet of bulldozer trenches. No uranium ore has been produced from this deposit."
Date: September 1952
Creator: Willmarth, V. R.; Vickers, R. C.; McKeown, F. A. & Beroni, E. P.

Reconnaissance for Uranium-Bearing Carbonaceous Rocks in Northwestern Colorado, Southwestern Wyoming, and Adjacent Parts of Utah and Idaho

Description: Abstract: During parts of July, August, and September 1951, a reconnaissance was conducted in parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho in search of new deposits of uranium-bearing carbonaceous rocks. One significant uranium occurrence was found, the Fall Creek deposit, Bonneville County, Idaho. Several additional localities were discovered that contain uranium in concentrations many times that normally found in carbonaceous rocks.
Date: October 1952
Creator: Vine, James D. & Moore, George W.

Geophysical Observations in Parts of the Grants District, Mckinley County, New Mexico

Description: Report discussing geophysical observations in parts of the Grants district of McKinley County, New Mexico. This study had the "dual objective of investigating the unusual occurrence of negative aeromagnetic anomalies in close association with airborne radioactivity anomalies, and of investigating other geophysical methods which might assist directly or indirectly in the search for uranium ores in the Grants district."
Date: August 1952
Creator: Cook, Kenneth L. & Moss, Calvin K.

Occurrences of Uranium-Bearing Minerals in the St. Kevin District, Lake County, Colorado

Description: Report discussing the results of a six-week geological investigation of 271 prospect pits, mine dumps, and mine workings in the Sugar Loaf -St. Kevin mining districts of Lake County, Colorado during 1951. The objective of the investigation was to determine the presence of radioactive materials.
Date: May 1953
Creator: Pierson, C. T. & Singewald, Q. D.

Geology of the Rainy Day Uranium Mine, Garfield County, Utah

Description: Report discussing the geology of the Rainy Day uranium mine in Garfield County, Utah. From Introduction: "This report describes the relation of the uranium deposit to the local geology and presents several ore and subore analyses which show similarities between this deposit and those in the Shinarump and Moss Back members of the Chinle formation of the Triassic age."
Date: April 1958
Creator: Davidson, Edward S.

Carnotite Resources in the Charles T. Area and Vicinity, San Miguel County, Colorado

Description: Report discussing an exploratory drilling program in the Charles T. area and vicinity during the period from November 1947 and September 1949. "The purpose of the exploration was to discover new carnotite deposits to support milling operations on the Colorado Plateau, and to appraise the uranium and vanadium resources of the area explored."
Date: March 1950
Creator: Bush, Alfred L.