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Primary view of Annual Report of Research and Technologic Work on Coal: Fiscal Year 1941
Fieldner, Arno Carl & Schmidt, L. D.
November 1941
Primary view of Loss of Life Among Wearers of Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
Grove, G. W.
April 1944
Primary view of Thickness of Bituminous Coal and Lignite Seams Mined in the United States in 1945
Young, W. H. & Anderson, R. L.
December 1947
Primary view of The Wheat Jointworm and Its Control
Phillips, W. J. (William Jeter), 1879-1972 & Poos, F. W.
Primary view of Comparative Yields of Light Oil, Tar, and Constituents from Carbonization Tests at 800 Degrees, 900 Degrees, and 1,000 Degrees Celsius
Holmes, C. R.; Wilson, J. E. & Davis, J. D.
March 1943
Primary view of A Laboratory Development of Cavitation-Free Baffle Piers, Bluestone Dam, New River, West Virginia
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
March 1948
Primary view of Analyses of West Virginia Coals
Price, Paul H.; Heck, E. T.; Fieldner, Arno Carl; Toenges, Albert L.; Anderson, R. L.; Snyder, N. H. et al.
Primary view of Radioactivity of Asphaltites, Coals, and Shales in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania
Nelson, J. M. & Brill, K. G., Jr.
October 1948