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Heavy Aggregate Investigation

Description: This report follows a manuscript report made in January 11, 1952, and provides results of a survey that gives corrections as well as suggestions for new and local sources of aggregate material in comparison to the original report. These reports were made in response to a heavy desire of improvement in reactor design and shielding.
Date: December 19, 1952
Creator: Brown, R. E.

X-ray Photometric Assay of Plutonium in Metal Castings

Description: This following report discusses certain topics pertinent to the x-ray photometric method, such as the optimum size of sample and of sample concentration, the technique of measurement for high precision, the use of easily prepared uranium standards for future calibrations and corrections for extraneous substances, and it compares results obtained by both x-ray and chemical assays.
Date: December 12, 1952
Creator: Lambert, M. C.

Neutralization of HNO₃ in Redox ICU an IAW Streams

Description: The following memorandum outlines the procedures used on the neutralization of HNO3 in redox ICU and IAW streams, and the factors influencing their choice. The procedures involve a) hexone removal by evaporation in the presence of a retardant, b) destruction of the retardant, c) nitric acid elimination by boiling with aluminum and d) concentration of the remaining solution by evaporation.
Date: December 10, 1948
Creator: Curtis, M. H.

Initial Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Uranium at Elevated Temperatures

Description: Introduction: "Knowledge of the mechanical properties of uranium at elevated temperature is essential in order to understand and predict the fabrication characteristics and pile behavior of this metal. This report presents the experimental data obtained from beta heat-treated specimens which were originally machined from one production, alpha-rolled uranium rod."
Date: December 2, 1952
Creator: Hueschen, R. E. & Pitt, C. H.

Nitration Reactions of Shell Spray Base under Purex Waste Recovery Process Conditions

Description: Abstract: "Experiments were performed to characterize the types of nitro compounds that might be formed by reaction of Shell Spray Base with nitric acid, to determine the extent of their formation, if any, and their path under conditions of nitric acid recovery in the Purex Process. It is concluded that the instability of Shell Spray Base to nitration, under conditions to prevail in the plant, presents neither a disposal problem nor a safety problem."
Date: December 5, 1952
Creator: Wagner, R. M.