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Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Survey, Tonopah National Topographic Map, Nevada: Volume 1

Description: Abstract: The results of analyses of the airborne gamma radiation and total magnetic field survey flown for the region identified as the Tonopah National Topographic Map NJll-5 is presented in Volume I and II of this report. The airborne data gathered is reduced by ground computer facilities to yield profile plots of the basic uranium, thorium and potassium equivalent gamma radiation intensities, ratios of these intensities, aircraft altitude above the earth's surface, total gamma ray and earth's magnetic field intensity, correlated as a function of geologic units. The distribution of data within each geologic unit, for all surveyed map lines and tie lines, has been calculated and is included. Two sets of profiled data for each line are included with one set displaying the above-cited data. The second set includes only flight line magnetic field, temperature, pressure, altitude data plus magnetic field data as measured at a base station. A general description of the area, including descriptions of the various geologic units and the corresponding airborne data, is included also.
Date: April 27, 1979
Creator: High Life Helicopters, Inc.