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The Fabrication of Stainless Steel-Uranium Dioxide Fuel Elements

Description: Abstract: "Stainless steel-clad fuel sheet 0.020 in. thick with a 0.008-in. core of stainless steel plus UO2 was produced by roll cladding a powder metal compact. The effects of processing variables, core-matrix composition, quantity of oxide, and oxide particle size on the properties of the sheet were investigated. The strength and ductility of the core decreased sharply as the quantity of oxide in the core increased from 20 to 40 w/o. Over the range of matrix compositions investigated the particle size of the oxide had little affect on the core strength. In cores containing 21 w/o of oxide. 18 w/o chromium, 82 w/o iron matrix prepared from the elemental metal powders had the highest strength and ductility, but this matrix was susceptible to cracking during thermal cycling. As elemental 18 w/o chromium, 9 w/o nickel, 73 w/o iron matrix was the most satisfactory from the standpoint of fabrication and over-all characteristics of the resulting sheet."
Date: March 2, 1954
Creator: Keeler, J. R.; Keller, D. L. & Cuddy, L. J.