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Green River Formation Lithology and Oil Shale Correlations in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the oil-shale formations of the Green River in the Piceance Creek Basin. Detailed descriptions of oil-shale samples taken from the Green River formation are presented. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and a photograph.
Date: 1970
Creator: Trudell, Laurence G.; Beard, Thomas N. & Smith, John Ward

Aerial Gamma Ray and Magnetic Survey, Volume 2. Final Report: Salina Quadrangle, Utah

Description: Second volume of a report documenting a high-sensitivity airborne radiometric and magnetic survey of the Salina quadrangle including a detailed geologic summary, interpretation report, standard deviation maps, pseudo-contour maps, interpretation maps, flight line and geologic base map, and individual corrected profiles.
Date: April 1970
Creator: GeoMetrics, Inc.
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