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Uraniferous Quartzite, Red Bluff Prospect, Gila County, Arizona

Description: Abstract: Radioactive zones are present in the upper silty part of the pre-Cambrian Dripping Spring quartzite at the Red Bluff prospect, Gila County, Ariz. The prospect is in the SE 1/4 sec. 31, T. 5 N., R. 14 E., at the southern end of the Sierra Ancha area and 12 miles northeast of Roosevelt Dam. Stratigraphic control of the radioactive zones is indicated by the restriction of the zones to two layers, each about 20 feet thick.The zones are spatially associated in part with a diabase dike that occupies a fault, and in part with a thick diabase sill. The main uranium mineral disseminated through the rock in these zones has not been identified definitely, although minor quantities of secondary uranium minerals were observed. The results of scintillometer traverses and radiometric analyses indicate that the deposits probably contain an average of 0.026 percent uranium. Some black streaks and some fractures contain a higher percentage of uranium, but so far as is known the volume of such material is probably too small to affect the overall grade of the deposits.
Date: January 1951
Creator: Kaiser, E. P.

Geology of the Christmas Copper Mine, Gila County, Arizona

Description: From introduction: The exploration project at Christmas was carried on cooperatively by the Geological Survey and U. S. Bureau of Mines. Mr. 0. M. Bishop, Engineer for the Bureau of Mines, examined the property and in his report of June 6, 1942 recommended that six holes be drilled from the 800 level of the mine. The Bureau of Mines began drilling in September 1942, and the Survey investigations began a month later. Since any ore bodies discovered below the 800 level would be inaccessible until a deeper level could be developed, the Bureau and Survey decided to explore from higher levels where resulting benefits could be more quickly realized. Drilling from the upper levels was begun early in 1943.
Date: 1956
Creator: Peterson, Nels P. & Swanson, Roger W.