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Microwave Spectral Tables: Volume 3. Polyatomic Molecules With Internal Rotation

Description: From Introduction: "This volume contains data on the microwave spectra of 94 polyatomic molecules capable of exhibiting internal rotation, based upon a search of the literature up to July, 1962, but including some information of later dates."
Date: June 1969
Creator: Wacker, Paul F.; Cord, Marian S.; Burkhard, Donald G.; Petersen, Jean D. & Kukol, Raymond F.

A New Design Concept for Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cells

Description: From Introduction: "A new concept, that of lateral permeation of product water through a porous substrate, is the basis for both the cost reduction study of plate-and-frame reverse osmosis units and the study of field replacement of membrane and is therefore the subject of the development studies encompassed by this report."
Date: May 1969
Creator: Fluke, G. A.

Development of Water Purification Systems Based on Reverse Osmosis

Description: Report demonstrating the concept of a small and disposable reverse-osmosis cartridge. Research includes "1) a search for suitable membrane supporting structures and materials during which the hydrodynamic characteristics of a number of potential materials were evaluated, 2) the evaluation of reverse-osmosis membranes cast directly on support materials and on reinforcing materials, and 3) the design, fabrication and testing of a small reverse-osmosis cartridge" (p. 1).
Date: April 1969
Creator: Ellington, R. C.

An Evaluation of Advanced Converter Reactors

Description: From foreword: This report is an overall assessment of the technical status and economic potential of advanced converters and breeders, the role of thorium, various reactor fuel cycles, and a systems analysis of the future nuclear-electric power complex.
Date: April 1969
Creator: Advanced Converter Task Force

Sea Water Corrosion Test Program

Description: From Introduction: "The first demonstration plant sponsored by the Office of Saline Water was located in Freeport, Texas, and came 'on stream" in 1961. The incoming sea water was deaerated since both Speller (6) and Uhlig (7) recognized that dissolved oxygen was usually the controlling factor in the corrosion of iron stream condensate at temperatures even as high 400 degrees F. The water was acidified prior to daeration with H2SO4 to decompose the carbonates which subsequently would cause scale when the water was heated. After the carbonates were removed, the pH was raised to the neutral point, again to provide a less corrosive environment."
Date: March 1969
Creator: Behrens, H. C.; Martin, F. D.; Osborn, O.; Rice, L.; Russell, W. B.; Schreiber, C. F. et al.

Transport Processes in Electrochemically Controlled Ion-Exchange Desalination

Description: From Summary: "The results of such experiments are summarized as follows: 1. Anion-responsive electrodes formed with Kraton, graphite, Norit, and Amberlite CG-4B demineralized well at currents up to 10 milli-amperes; regeneration was efficient up to 8 milliamperes. 2. Satisfactory anion-responsive electrodes containing Amberlite IRA-68 could only be formed when resin was first ground while in the sulfate form; it was required that it be added to the paste mixture (Kraton, Norit, and graphite) in the same form."
Date: March 1969
Creator: Evans, S.; Accomazzo, M. A.; Accomazzo, J. E.; Ladacki, M. & Lossett, K. A.