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Books for children: a guide for parents.

Description: Briefly outlines the benefits of books for children. Provides instructions for making a picture book and writing a story for children.
Date: 1966
Creator: United States. Federal Extension Service.

Welcome to the cherry blossoms.

Description: A brochure describing the history and locations of cherry trees in Washington, D.C.
Date: 1964
Creator: United States. Dept. of the Interior.

Equipment for clearing brush from land.

Description: Describes various types of farm equipment used to clear brush. Provides indications for use depending on the size of the land to be cleared.
Date: 1963
Creator: United States. Agricultural Research Service. Agricultural Engineering Research Division.

Planning the farm for profit and stability.

Description: Discusses the benefits of farm planning for saving labor, conserving soil, and landscaping for enjoyment, and increasing profitability and stability of the farm.
Date: 1963
Creator: Johnson, Neil W. (Neil William), 1901- & Parsons, Merton S. (Merton Stanley), 1907-

Getting started in farming.

Description: Describes various ideas a farmer should consider when starting a new farm.
Date: October 1962
Creator: Cooper, M. R. (Martin Reese), 1887-

The church and agricultural progress.

Description: Describes the role of agriculture in the United States from a Christian perspective.
Date: May 1962
Creator: Belew, M. Wendell; McCanna, Henry A.; Mueller, E. W. (Elwin William), 1908-1993. & O'Rourke, Edward W.

Home tanning of leather and small fur skins.

Description: Describes the process for tanning hides and skins for leather and fur.
Date: February 1962
Creator: Rogers, J. S. (Jerome Stanley), b. 1884.; Clarke, Ira D. (Ira Doup), 1890- & United States. Dept. of Agriculture.

Bamboo in the United States : description, culture, and utilization.

Description: Describes the different varieties of bamboo and how to cultivate them. Provides information on insect pests and preparing bamboo for market. Discusses ways in which bamboo can be used on the farm, in the home, and for manufactured products.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Young, Robert A. (Robert Armstrong), b. 1876 & Haun, J. R. (Joseph Rhodes), 1922-

Grass waterways in soil conservation.

Description: Describes how to establish grass-protected waterways on farm fields to prevent soil erosion.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Atkins, Maurice Donald, 1912- & Coyle, James J.

Growing rye.

Description: Discusses the adaptation of rye, types and varieties of rye, and the practical uses of rye.
Date: December 1959
Creator: Briggle, L. W. (Leland Wilson), 1920-

Irrigating corn in humid regions.

Description: Describes the most effective methods of and times for irrigating corn crops in humid regions of the United States.
Date: November 1959
Creator: Jamison, V. C., 1907- & Beale, O. W. (Oliver W.), 1907-

Powder-post beetles in buildings : what to do about them.

Description: Describes different types of powder-post beetles, their life cycles, the damage they can cause to various types of wood, and methods for their control.
Date: November 1959
Creator: St. George, R. A. (Raymond Alexander), b. 1894. & McIntyre, T.

Hard red spring and durum wheats : culture and varieties.

Description: Describes the location, importance, and varieties of durum and hard red spring wheat; also lists the different diseases, insects, and weeds that adversely affect wheat.
Date: August 1959
Creator: Ausemus, E. R. (Elmer Rex), 1895- & Heerman, R. M. (Rubin M.), 1921-

Care and management of dairy cows.

Description: A guide to dairy farming, including advice for feeding, milking, housing, cleaning, and other aspects of cow-raising.
Date: June 1959
Creator: Parker, J. B. (Joseph Bachelor), 1893- & Underwood, P. C. (Paul Clifford), 1902-

Culture of oats in the western states.

Description: Describes the different areas of the United States where oats are grown, how to prepare the soil, and how to effectively plant and harvest oats.
Date: June 1959
Creator: Coffman, Franklin A. (Franklin Arthur), 1892-; Stevens, Harland, 1907- & Stanton, T. R. (Thomas Ray), b. 1885.

Filters and screens for irrigation wells.

Description: Describes the purpose of having filters and screens as part of an irrigation system, and how to properly select and install them.
Date: April 1959
Creator: Robinson, A. R. (August Robert), b. 1921.

Selling black walnut timber.

Description: A guide to grading and selling black walnut logs for lumber.
Date: April 1959
Creator: Brush, Warren David, 1881-

Growing the Jerusalem artichoke.

Description: Describes the growth of Jerusalem artichokes in different areas of the United States. Provides suggestions for planting and harvesting.
Date: March 1959
Creator: Boswell, Victor R. (Victor Rickman), 1900-