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Hygiene in fox farming.

Description: Discusses fox raising in terms of housing, feeding, cleaning, disease prevention and hygiene.
Date: October 1929
Creator: Hanson, Karl Burchard, 1893-

Pork in preferred ways.

Description: Describes various ways to prepare pork and includes recipes.
Date: August 1929
Creator: Alexander, Lucy M. (Lucy Maclay), 1888-

Cigar-tobacco production in Pennsylvania.

Description: Discusses the methods for tobacco farming in Pennsylvania. Includes cropping systems, cultural operations, and plant diseases.
Date: July 1929
Creator: Olson, Otto

Wild garlic and its control.

Description: Describes wild garlic and a few methods for controlling its growth.
Date: July 1929
Creator: United States. Dept. of Agriculture.

Termites in buildings.

Description: Describes the characteristics of termites, the damage they cause to buildings, and methods of control.
Date: June 1929
Creator: Snyder, Thomas Elliott, b. 1885.


Description: Describes the trembles, a milk sickness which afflicts cows; includes information regarding causes, transmission to uninfected animals, remedies, and prevention.
Date: June 1929
Creator: Marsh, C. Dwight (Charles Dwight)

Varieties of hard red winter wheat.

Description: Describes different types of hard red winter wheat and where it grows in the United States.
Date: June 1929
Creator: Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Quisenberry, Karl S.

Good food habits for children.

Description: Describes how to assist young children in transitioning from milk to solid food. Suggests ways to establish regular eating times, encourage self-feeding, and help the child develop a positive attitude toward eating.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Schmidt, C. Rowena.

Good naval-stores practice.

Description: Describes best practices for tapping trees for naval stores, in order to yield the most gum and prevent damage to trees.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Cary, Austin, 1865-1936.

Poisoning the cotton boll weevil.

Description: A guide to selecting the most suitable method for controlling the boll weevil. Describes poisons and equipment used in boll-weevil control.
Date: April 1929
Creator: Coad, B. R. & Gaines, R. C. (Robert Callaway), 1898-

Fur laws for the season 1929-30.

Description: Discusses the importance of conservation practices to preserve fur resources. Provides a summary of U.S. federal and state laws related to game animals, as well as related laws of Canada, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and Mexico.
Date: 1929
Creator: Earnshaw, Frank L. & Grimes, Frank G.

Making American cheese on the farm.

Description: Discusses the nutritional value of homemade cheese. Describes the conditions favorable to cheesemaking. Provides instructions for making cheese on the farm for home consumption.
Date: 1929
Creator: Gere, C. M.

The European starling in the United States.

Description: Describes the life cycle of the European starling, its beneficial and harmful qualities, and methods for its control.
Date: December 1928
Creator: Kalmbach, E. R. (Edwin Richard), 1884-

The husker-shredder on eastern Corn Belt farms.

Description: Describes the uses and benefits of the corn husker-shredder. Includes a discussion of the costs involved in renting or buying a shredder.
Date: December 1928
Creator: Collier, George W., 1897-; Humphries, W. R. (Walter Raymond), b. 1886. & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)

Cooking beef according to the cut.

Description: Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of beef; provides recipes and methods for its preparation in various dishes.
Date: October 1928
Creator: Alexander, Lucy M. (Lucy Maclay), 1888- & Yeatman, Fanny Walker, b. 1876.

Legume hays for milk production.

Description: Argues the case for using legume hays on the farm. Describes the advantages of legume hays for profitability and increased nutrients per acre.
Date: October 1928
Creator: Dawson, J. R. (James Robert), b. 1894.

The farm woods : a savings bank paying interest.

Description: Describes best practices for cutting, using, and selling farm timber to ensure continuous growth and larger farm income.
Date: September 1928
Creator: Mattoon, Wilbur R. (Wilbur Reed), 1875-1941.

Harvesting grain sorghums.

Description: Describes methods and equipment used for harvesting, threshing, and storing grain sorghums in the Great Plains of the United States.
Date: September 1928
Creator: Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-; Reynoldson, L. A. (Le Roy August), b. 1886.; Rothgeb, Benton E. & Hurst, W. M. (Wilbur Magruder), 1898-