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Primary view of Specifications for Selected Hydraulic-Powered Roof Supports: With a Methods to Estimate Support Requirement for Longwalls
Barry, A. J.; Nair, O. B. & Miller, J. S.
September 1969
Primary view of Microfilming Maps of Abandoned Anthracite Mines: Mines in the Wyoming Basin, Northern Anthracite Field
Eaton, W. L. & Gait, G. B.
June 1968
Primary view of Thickness of Bituminous Coal and Lignite Seams Mined in 1965
Young, W. H.
August 1967
Primary view of Ringelmann Smoke Chart: Revision of IC 7718
Bureau of Mines Staff
Primary view of Coal Resources of the Fabius-Flat Rock Area, Jackson Countym Alabama
Shotts, Reynold Q. & Riley, H. L.
Primary view of Mineral Resources of Upper Missouri River Basin, Montana: Fort Peck Reservoir to Morony Dam
Hubbard, C. R.; Roby, Robert N.; Henkes, W. C. & Biggs, P.
Primary view of Mining Practices at Four Uranium Properties in the Gas Hills, Wyoming
Everett, F. D.
Primary view of Developments in Waterflooding and Pressure Maintenance in Osage County, Oklahoma Oilfields, 1961
Johnston, Kenneth H. & Castagno, Joe L.
Primary view of Mining Methods and Costs, Regal Asbestos, Mine Jaquays Mining Corp., Gila County, Arizona
Stewart, L. A.
Primary view of Recent Developments in Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids for Underground Use
Polack, Samuel, P.; Smith, Allan F. & Barthe, Henry P.
Primary view of The Soviet Seven-Year Plan (1959-65) for Oil
Frendzel, Donald J.
Primary view of Applications of a Small Electronic Digital Computer to Pyrometallurgical Research
Leary, R. J.; Smith, R. W., Jr. & Mitchel, B. J.
Primary view of Catalog of Recorded Exploration Drilling and Mine Workings, Tri-State Zinc-Lead District--Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma
Brichta, Louis Chanborn
Primary view of Mining Methods and Costs at Crystal-Victory and Minerva Number 1 Fluorspar Mines of Minerva Oil Company, Hardin County, Illinois
Montgomery, Gill; Daly, J. J. & Myslinksi, Frank J.
Primary view of Mining Methods and Costs, Black Rock Tungsten Mine, Wah Chang Mining Corp., Mono County, California
Johnson, A. C. & Fillip, N. M.
Primary view of Asbestos: A Materials Survey
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Mercury: A Materials Survey
Pennington, James W. & Bailey, Edgar H.
Primary view of Methods and Costs of Mining Lignite in North Dakota
Van Sant, Joel N. & Ellman, R. C.
Primary view of Mining Methods and Costs at the Anaconda Company Berkeley Pit, Butte, Montana
McWilliams, John R.
Primary view of Mining Methods and Costs, Baguio Gold Mine, Baguio Gold Mining Co., Baguio, Luzon, Philippine Islands
Bakewell, A. A., Jr.
Primary view of Mining Methods and Costs, Lincoln Tungsten Mine, Wah Chang Mining Corporation, Lincoln County, Nevada
Johnson, A. C. & McDonald, Ross M.
Primary view of Open-Pit Copper Mining Methods and Costs at the Bagdad Mine, Bagdad Copper Corporation, Yavapai County, Arizona
Hardwick, W. R. & Jones, E. L., III
Primary view of Reconnaissance of Iron Occurrences in Colorado
Harrer, C. M. & Tesch, W. J., Jr.
Primary view of Research and Technologic Work on Coal and Related Investigations, 1957
United States. Bureau of Mines.