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2012 Economic Cost Earnings of Pelagic Longline Fishing in Hawaii

Description: From abstract: This report presents findings from the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) cost-earnings study of the Hawaii-based longline fishery fleet which primarily targets bigeye tuna and swordfish...This report also compares 2012 results with the previous cost-earnings studies of the Hawaii longline fleet that examines the economic profiles of the fleet for 2000 and 2005 operations.
Date: October 2016
Creator: Kalberg, Kolter & Pan, Minling

Attitudes and Preferences of Hawaii Non-commercial Fishermen: Report from the 2015 Hawaii Saltwater Recreational Fishing Survey, Volume 1

Description: The following document is a survey designed to elicit information of utility to resource managers of Hawaiian recreational saltwater fisheries. The survey includes information on angler participation, perspectives on the marine environment, preferences for fisheries management, and angler demographics.
Date: October 2016
Creator: Madge, Leila; Hospital, Justin & Williams, Ellary Tucker

Hawaii Marine Recreational Fishing Survey: A Summary of Current Sampling, Estimation, and Data Analyses

Description: The following manuscript describes the current Hawaii Marine Recreational Fishing Survey sampling and estimation process for recreational fishing surveys under the NOAA Fisheries Marine Recreational Information Program and presents the catch-and-effort estimates using pelagic species as an example.
Date: September 2016
Creator: Ma, Hongguang & Ogawa, Tom K.

Proceedings of the 2015 International Summit on Fibropapillomatosis: Global Status, Trends, and Population Impacts

Description: This document summarizes the findings from the 2015 International Summit pm Fibropapillomatosis (FP) convened in Honolulu, Hawaii June 11-14, 2015. The purpose of this convention was to provide a forum to assess the status and trends of the disease globally and its demographic impact on sea turtles.
Date: August 2016
Creator: Hargrove, Stacy; Work, Thierry; Brunson, Shandell; Foley, Allen M. & Balazs, George

Design and Implementation of a Bottomfish Fishery-independent Survey in the Main Hawaiian Islands

Description: The following document conducts stock assessment reports on deep-slope bottomfish along the State of Hawaii. The goal of this report is to improve stock assessments through optimal design and implementation of a fishery-independent survey for the Deep-7 bottomfish complex in the main Hawaiian Islands.
Date: June 2016
Creator: Richards, Benjamin L.; Smith, Steven G.; Ault, Jerald S.; DiNardo, Gerard T.; Kobayashi, Donald; Domokos, Reka et al.

Status Review Report: Orange Clownfish (Amphiprion percula)

Description: From abstract: This report was produced in response to a petition received from the Center for Biological Diversity on September 14, 2012, to list eight species of pomacentrid reef fish as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and to designate critical habitat for these species concurrent with the listings...This report summarizes the best available scientific and commercial information on the orange clownfish, and presents an evaluation of the species' status and extinction risk.
Date: April 2016
Creator: Maison, Kimberly A. & Graham, Krista S.

Development and Testing of Two Towed Volumetric Hydrophone Array Prototypes to Improve Localization Accuracy During Shipboard Line-transect Cetacean Surveys

Description: The following document presents the result of a project aimed at improving the hydrodynamics of the volumetric array design for towing at faster speeds of 10 knots from large research vessels. The document explains the theory behind the design considerations for each prototype presented, sea trial results and subsequent modifications, and discuss improvements for future designs.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Barkley, Yvonne; Barlow, Jay; Rankin, Shannon; D'Spain, Gerald & Oleson, Erin

Injury Determinations for Marine Mammals Observed Interacting with Hawaii and American Samoa Longline Fisheries During 2009-2013

Description: The following document is a compilation of reports of marine mammal interactions with the Hawaii and American Samoa longline fisheries during 2009-2013, including the assessments of the number of marine mammal deaths, serious injuries, and non-serious injuries by fishery, species, and management areas.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Bradford, Amanda L. & Forney, Karin A.

Stock Assessment Updates if the Bottomfish Management Unit Species of American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam in 2015 Data through 2013

Description: From abstract: This report conducts a strict stock assessment update of the Bottomfish Management Unit Species (BMUS) complexes in American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, using the same base case production model as used in the previous stock assessment (Brodziak et al., 2012), but with an additional 3 years of catch and nominal catch-per-unit-effort as input data...This paper also conducts stock projections for 2016 and 2017.
Date: March 2016
Creator: Yau, Annie; Nadon, Marc; Richards, Benjamin; Brodziak, Jon & Fletcher, Eric

Proceedings of the 2014 NOAA Economics of Protected Workshop, September 9-11, 2014, La Jolla, Califori

Description: The following document provides the results of a three-day workshop held in September of 2014 by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). This workshop was the first NMFS workshop focused exclusively on the economics of PR. The primary goal was to initiate the process of identifying national PR social science research needs and best practices.
Date: September 2015
Creator: Bisack, Kathryn D.; Squires, Dale E.; Lipton, Douglas W.; Hilger, James R.; Holland, Daniel S.; Johnson, Denise H. et al.

Injury Determinations for Humpback Whales and Other Cetaceans Reported to NOAA Response Networks in the Hawaiian Islands during 2007-2012

Description: From introduction: the present paper provides a summary of injury determinations for cetaceans in and around the Hawaiian EEZ reported injured by human causes to the PIR-MMRN and HIERN during 2007-2012... This paper also summarizes reports from previous years of cetaceans other than humpback whales injured by human causes for the purpose of obtaining additional qualitative information on the sources of injuries and the species involved. (pg. 1)
Date: June 2015
Creator: Bradford, Amanda L. & Lyman, Ed

Stock Assessment Update for the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep7 Bottomfish Complex through 2013 with Projected Annual Catch Limits through 2016

Description: From abstract: Report containing of a stock assessment update of the main Hawaiian Islands Deep7 bottom fish complex conducted through fishing year 2013. This update used the previous benchmark assessment data analysis, modeling, and stock projection approaches with one major improvement in CPUE standardization.
Date: November 2014
Creator: Brodziak, Jon; Yau, Annie; O'Malley, Joseph; Andrews, Allen; Humphreys, Robert; DeMartini, Ed et al.

Forty Years of Research: Recovery Records of Green Turtles Observed or Originally Tagged at French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, 1973-2013

Description: Report that brings a 1983 NOAA Technical Memorandum titled "recovery records of adult green turtles observed or originally tagged at French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands" up to date. Report includes some novel ways to present information gathered in more than 40 years of systematic monitoring at FFS. (pg. iii)
Date: May 2014
Creator: Humburg, Irene Nurzia & Balazs, George H.

National Seabird Workshop : Building a National Plan to Improve the State of Knowledge and Reduce Commercial Fisheries Impacts on Seabirds

Description: The following document provides the results of the 2009 National Seabird Workshop hosted by the NSP National Coordinator. The workshop's primary goal was to initiate the development of a National Seabird Implementation Plan that can be used to describe NMFS seabird activites and important partnerships with other management agencies, guide NMFS seabird management and science, and provide seabird-related input into NOAA's strategic planning and budgeting process.
Date: March 2014
Creator: Rivera, Kim S.; Ballance, Lisa T.; Benaka, Lee; Breuer, Eric R.; Brooke, Samantha G.; Fitzgerald, Shannon M. et al.

Injury Determinations for Cetaceans Observed Interacting with Hawaii and American Samoa Longline Fisheries during 2007-2011

Description: The following report presents reports of interactions between the cetaceans with Hawaii and American Samoa longline fisheries. Compiled here are injury and death reports concerning the dolphin as a summary of the mortality rates and injury severity observed during interactions.
Date: January 2014
Creator: Bradford, Amanda L. & Forney, Karin A.

Pilot Study to Incorporate Validation Procedures in the State of Hawaii Commercial Marine License Reporting Program for Charter Fishing Boats (For-Hire Sector)

Description: From executive summary: The following report was meant to document the Hawaii charter fishing (for hire) sector's level of compliance with the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (HDAR) commercial fishing reporting system and to identify possible changes to improve the system.
Date: December 2013
Creator: Ma, Hongguang; Hamm, David & Allen, Stewart

Estimation of Hawaiian Monk Seal Corruption in Relation to Ecosystem Biomass and Overlap with Fisheries in the Main Hawaiian Islands

Description: This report analyzes the possible effects of the rehabilitation of Hawaiian monk seals and how their increase in numbers will affect the ecosystem and our fisheries. The document takes into account conclusions that overestimate potential monk seal impacts, and underestimate potential impacts of human extraction on monk seals.
Date: August 2013
Creator: Sprague, Rachel; Littnan, Charles & Walters, Jeffrey

U.S. Pacific Marine Mammal Stock Assessment: 2012

Description: This is an assessment report based on the population of marine mammals along the Pacific coastline in the year 2012. It is a working document that will continue to be updated as data changes.
Date: January 2013
Creator: Carretta, James V.; Oleson, Erin; Weller, David W.; Lang, Aimee R.; Forney, Karin A.; Baker, Jason et al.