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Primary view of Archean and Early Proterozoic Tectonic Framework of North-Central United States and Adjacent Canada
Sims, P. K. (Paul Kibler), 1918-2011
Primary view of The Biology and Population Status of Marine Turtles in the North Pacific Ocean
Eckert, Karen L.
September 1993
Primary view of Progress in Environmental Specimen Banking
Wise, Stephen A.; Zeisler, Rolf & Goldstein, George M.
Primary view of Statistical Summary of Daily Values Data and Trend Analysis of Dissolved-Solids Data at National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN) Stations
Wells, Frank C. & Schertz, Terry L.
Primary view of Cape Flattery, Washington, United States--British Columbia, Canada
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Primary view of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada--Washington, United States
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Primary view of Eastport, Maine, United States--Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Primary view of Precambrian uranium-bearing quartz-pebble conglomerates: exploration model and United States resource potential
Houston, Robert S. & Karlstrom, Karl E.
November 1979
Primary view of Corrosion Rates On Underground Steel Test Piles at Turcot Yard, Montreal, Canada - Part 1
Schwerdtfeger, W. J & Romanoff, Melvin
July 1972
Primary view of Survey of Fallout Operations
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Health and Safety Laboratory.
July 1, 1962
Primary view of Index of Selected Gasification Patents (In Three Parts): [Part] 2. United Kingdon, Australian, Canadian, and South African Patents
Klosky, Simon & Murphy, Zane E.
Primary view of Geology of the Michigan Basin with Reference to Subsurface Disposal of Radioactive Wastes
de Witt, Wallace, Jr.
July 1960
Primary view of The Asbestos Industry
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Lithium Resources of North America
Norton, James J. & Schlegel, Dorothy McKenney
October 1954
Primary view of Carbonizing Properties: British Columbia, Matanuska Valley (Alaska), and Washington Coals and Blends of Six of Them with Lower Sunnyside (Utah) Coals
Davis, J. D.; Reynolds, D. A.; Brewer, R. E.; Naugle, B. W.; Wolfson, D. E.; Gibson, F. H. et al.
Primary view of An Index of Shale-Oil Patents
Klosky, Simon
Primary view of World Survey of Tantalum Ore
Baker, James S.
March 1945
Primary view of United States Earthquakes, 1944
unknown creator
Primary view of Adsorbent Clays: Their Distribution, Properties, Production, and Uses
Nutting, P. G.
Primary view of United States Earthquakes, 1943
unknown creator
Primary view of Copper Mining in North America
Gardner, E. D.; Johnson, C. H. & Butler, B. S.
Primary view of Asbestos
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Stopping Methods and Costs
Jackson, Charles Freeman & Gardner, E. D.
Primary view of United States Earthquakes, 1935
unknown creator