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Accelerating Fatigue Testing for Cu Ribbon Interconnects

Description: This presentation describes fatigue experiments and discusses dynamic mechanical loading for Cu ribbon interconnects.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Bosco, N.; Silverman, T.; Wohlgemuth , J.; Kurtz, S.; Inoue, M.; Sakurai, K. et al.

Accounting for the Variation of Driver Aggression in the Simulation of Conventional and Advanced Vehicles

Description: This presentation discusses a method of accounting for realistic levels of driver aggression to higher-level vehicle studies, including the impact of variation in real-world driving characteristics (acceleration and speed) on vehicle energy consumption and different powertrains (e.g., conventionally powered vehicles versus electrified drive vehicles [xEVs]). Aggression variation between drivers can increase fuel consumption by more than 50% or decrease it by more than 20% from average. The normalized fuel consumption deviation from average as a function of population percentile was found to be largely insensitive to powertrain. However, the traits of ideal driving behavior are a function of powertrain. In conventional vehicles, kinetic losses dominate rolling resistance and aerodynamic losses. In xEVs with regenerative braking, rolling resistance and aerodynamic losses dominate. The relation of fuel consumption predicted from real-world drive data to that predicted by the industry-standard HWFET, UDDS, LA92, and US06 drive cycles was not consistent across powertrains, and varied broadly from the mean, median, and mode of real-world driving. A drive cycle synthesized by NREL's DRIVE tool accurately and consistently reproduces average real-world for multiple powertrains within 1%, and can be used to calculate the fuel consumption effects of varying levels of driver aggression.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Neubauer, J. & Wood, E.

Experimental Study of Single Spin Asymmetries and TMDs

Description: This presentation covers: Recent SSA Results from JLab Hall A with a Transversely Polarized 3He (n); New Preliminary SSA Results from JLab Hall A with a Transversely polarized 3He (n); TMD study at JLab 12 GeV in Hall A; and Long-term Future plans for TMDs study with Electron-Ion Colliders (EIC).
Date: May 2013
Creator: Chen, Jian-Ping

Group 3: Humidity, Temperature, and Voltage

Description: Group 3 is chartered to develop accelerated stress tests that can be used as comparative predictors of module lifetime versus stresses associated with humidity, temperature and voltage.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Wohlgemuth, J.

Initial Results of IEC 62804 Draft Round Robin Testing

Description: This presentation discusses the Initial round robin results of the IEC 62804 system voltage durability qualification test for crystalline silicon modules.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Hacke, P.; Terwilliger, K.; Koch, S.; Weber, T.; Berghold, J.; Hoffmann, S. et al.

Modeling Nucleon Generalized Parton Distributions

Description: We discuss building models for nucleon generalized parton distributions (GPDs) H and E that are based on the formalism of double distributions (DDs). We find that the usual "DD+D-term'' construction should be amended by an extra term, generated by GPD E(x,\xi). Unlike the $D$-term, this function has support in the whole -1 < x< 1 region, and in general does not vanish at the border points|x|=\xi.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Radyushkin, Anatoly V.

NLO BFKL and anomalous dimensions of light-ray operators

Description: This presentation covers: Regge limit in the coordinate space; “BFKL” representation of 4-point correlation function in N = 4 SYM; light-ray operators; “DGLAP” representation of 4-point correlation function; and anomalous dimensions from DGAP vs BFKL representations.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Balitsky, Ian

Nonperturbative short-range dynamics in TMDs

Description: This presentation covers: deep inelastic processes and transverse momentum distributions; chiral symmetry breaking, including the physical picture, the dynamical model, and parton distributions; partonic structures, including transverse momentum distributions, coordinate space correlator, and short range correlations; and measurements of semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering, correlations, and multi-parton processes in pp interactions.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Weiss, Christian

Operations Expenditures: Historical Trends and Continuing Challenges

Description: In this presentation for the American Wind Energy Association 2013 conference, NREL's Eric Lantz examines historical trends and continuing challenges of wind power operating expenses. Lowering such expenses could increase profitability and contribute to lowering the cost of energy.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Lantz, E.

Singularities of Generalized Parton Distributions

Description: Progress of recent work on modeling generalized parton distributions is given. Special attention was paid to study of their singularities structure.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Radyushkin, Anatoly V.

Techno-Economic Analysis of BEV Service Providers Offering Battery Swapping Services

Description: Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) could significantly reduce the nation's gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions rates. However, both the upfront cost and the limited range of the vehicle are perceived to be deterrents to the widespread adoption of BEVs. A service provider approach to marketing BEVs, coupled with a battery swapping infrastructure deployment could address both issues and accelerate BEV adoption. This presentation examines customer selection, service usage statistics, service plan fees and driver economics. Our results show it is unlikely that a battery swapping service plan will be more cost-effective than ownership of a conventional vehicle. A battery swapping service plan may be a more cost-effective solution than a directly owned BEV for some single-vehicle, high-mileage consumers. However, other factors not considered in this analysis could decrease the viability of such a service.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Neubauer, J. & Pesaran, A.

Understanding Wind Power Costs: The Value of a Comprehensive Approach

Description: The evolution and maturity of the wind industry have often been assessed by considering changes in key metrics including capital costs, capacity factor, turbine pricing, and in some cases electricity sales data. However, wind turbines and plants represent a complex system optimization problem and each of these metrics, in isolation, fails to tell the complete story of technological progress and industry advancement. By contrast, the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) provides a more comprehensive and nuanced perspective on industry trends. LCOE can be used to analyze the effect of individual changes (by holding other variables constant) or to understand the complex interactions that might occur for example between turbine costs and productivity. Moreover, LCOE offers a reflection of the total production costs and required revenue for wind plants. This presentation provides examples of how a narrow focus on individual industry metrics can provide inaccurate representations of industry trends while also demonstrating how LCOE captures the array of critical industry variables to provide a greater level of insight.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Lantz, E.

Using Solar Business Models to Expand the Distributed Wind Market

Description: This presentation to attendees at Wind Powering America's All-States Summit in Chicago describes business models that were responsible for rapid growth in the solar industry and that may be applicable to the distributed wind industry as well.
Date: May 1, 2013
Creator: Savage, S.