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Feasibility Study of a New Mass Flow System : Quarterly Report No. 4 Covering the Period from March 1, 1961 to May 31, 1961

Description: This is the fourth quarterly report that documents a system of mass flow that can record measurements of homogeneous flow, slurries, highly corrosive fluids and multiphase fluids, additionally considering pressure drops, measuring external to the flow, ruggedness and reliability.
Date: June 23, 1961
Creator: Haffner, J. W.; Stone, C. A. & Genthe, William K.

Design Studies on Cesium-137 as a Source for High Level Gamma Irradiators : Quarterly Progress Report No. 3 Covering the Period from December 1, 1959 to March 1, 1960

Description: "Experiments were carried out on a Cs/sup 137/ plaque source of 40 x 40 x 1/2 inches. Measurements were made of dose distributions in water and of photon spectral distributions in paraffin. For 9-inch-thick water siab absorbers without air gaps, it was found from the preliminary experiments that the depth dose uniformity can be varied over the range 1.10 to 1.40. The absolute dose rates found were in general agreement with design predictions which indicate irradiator efficiencies in the region of 50% and dose rates in the region of 1 Megarad/hour for high-level indicators. (W.D.M.)."
Date: March 23, 1960
Creator: Voyvodic, L.

Extrusion Die Design : [bibliography]

Description: "This is a selective bibliography of books and periodical articles relating to extrusion die design with special emphasis on extrusion of beryllium. Material on the extrusion process has been included when it contains information that might be of possible help in die designing."
Date: April 23, 1957
Creator: Cason, Maggie

Gravitational-Electromagnetic Torus Models of the Elementary Particles

Description: Abstract: "A torus model of the elementary particles is suggested in which the electron and proton are made stable by gravitational forces derived from the electromagnetic field. It is suggested that the gravitational forces for the unstable particles, presumably the mesons, are not sufficient to keep the torus from expanding in the direction of its large radius. Rest energy zero can be achieved, presumably for photons and neutrons, when the gravitational energy and electromagnetic field energy are equal in magnitude. The manner in which these models can exhibit spin, magnetic moment, wave length, and phase velocity is indicated. The origin of nuclear forces from an electromagnetic basis is indicated."
Date: June 23, 1955
Creator: Bostick, W. H.

Effect of a Decelerating Grid on Current from an Ion Source

Description: Abstract: "A theoretical criterion is given for the conditions under which the ions from an ion source may be decelerated by a decelerating grid, following the accelerating grid which extracts ions from the emitter, without causing a reduction in the current supplied by the source."
Date: February 23, 1955
Creator: Bing, George F., 1924-; Gardner, C. S. & Northrop, Theodore G.

Evaluation of Methods of Brazing Aluminum Spacing Fins to Flat-Plate Aluminum-Clad Fuel Elements

Description: Abstract: "Four brazing methods and one other joining process were evaluated for the joining of aluminum spacer fins to flat-plate aluminum-clad fuel elements. None of these methods appear completely suitable for use in a mass-production operation. Furnace brazing and salt-bath brazing were most promising. However, the mechanical problems involved in the application of either process deter their recommendation. Resistance brazing and torch-brazing were proven impractical. The great difference in mass between the two pieces being joined prevents the use of either the resistance or torch method. Pressure bonding is not applicable because of the excessive deformation of parts being joined."
Date: July 23, 1954
Creator: Evans, R. M. & Martin, D. C.

Variation of Critical Parameters Between U-235 Assays of 4.9 Percent and 93.5 Percent

Description: The following report uses empirical relations and the elementary diffusion theory transformation, the EDIT, to predict some of the minimum critical values of the various parameters of interest with reasonable accuracy. This document reports the minimal critical mass, volume, and cylinder diameter for uranium of 4.9% assay.
Date: October 23, 1953
Creator: Henry, Hugh F. & Newlon, C. E.

Caustic Treatment of Zircon in the Preparation of Pure Zirconium Compounds

Description: From abstract: This investigation was conducted in order to develop a process whereby the most abundant zirconium ore, namely zircon, could economically be put into solution and purified adequately for use in hafnium separation processes employing liquid-liquid extraction. Secondary aims concerned the preparation of pure zirconyl chloride, zirconyl nitrate, zirconyl sulfate, and zirconium oxide from the zircon ore.
Date: June 23, 1953
Creator: Spink, Donald R. & Wilhelm, Harley A.

Dependence of Thermal Utilization and Resonance Escape Probability Upon Fuel Element Density in D₂O Cooled and Moderated Systems

Description: Abstract: "The effect of variation in fuel element density upon f, p in a D2O cooled and moderated lattice of cylindrical fuel elements is investigated. The CP-3 lattice is chosen as a reference. The effect of a source term in the fuel element is considered. f, p are calculated as functions of "a", the ratio of the modified fuel element density to the original (fuel only) density. Curves showing f(a), p(a) are included. It is concluded that a 1 per cent decrease in the product, f(d), p(a) is not suffered until a=0.3. A 5 per cent decrease in k is estimated at a-0.4. The necessity of introducing the fuel element source term into the calculation after a has been decreased to about 0.6 is brought out."
Date: April 23, 1952
Creator: Garvey, J. E. & Stevens, F.

Effect of Temperature on Beta-Ray Measurements

Description: Summary: "This report investigates photographic methods of measuring beta radiation and includes a study of temperature effects on these measurements. Experimental data are submitted to show that an increase in film temperature before and during beta irradiation causes a definite increase in density for the same dosage. Recommendations drawn from experience gained in the experimental works are offered."
Date: November 23, 1949
Creator: Stevens, A. J.

The Application of Tracer Techniques to the Determination of Uranium Extraction Coefficients

Description: Abstract: This report deals with the development of a method using tracer technique for determining uranium extraction coefficients on solutions of low uranium concentration. It was found that extraction coefficients could be determined on systems containing as low as one part per million uranium using 1900 level uranium as the tracer. Results of several extraction series are presented in which aluminum nitrate is used as the salting agent and dibutyl carbitol the organic extractant.
Date: January 23, 1947
Creator: Lee, D. A.; Woodard, R. W. & Clewett, G. H.