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Primary view of Engineering Geology Applied to the Design and Operation of Underground Coal Mines
Dunrud, Richard C.
Primary view of Lateral Ramps in the Folded Appalachians and in Overthrust Belts Worldwide—A Fundamental Element of Thrust-Belt Architecture
Pohn, Howard A.
Primary view of The Chemical Analysis of Argonne Premium Coal Samples
Palmer, Curtis A.
Primary view of The Late Triassic Bivalve Monotis in Accreted Terranes of Alaska
Silberling, N. J.; Grant-Mackie, J. A. & Nichols, K. M.
Primary view of Fluid Inclusions and Biomarkers in the Upper Mississippi Valley Zinc-Lead District: Implications for the Fluid-Flow and Thermal History of the Illinois Basin
Rowan, E. L. & Goldhaber, M. B.
Primary view of The Distribution of Rare-Earth Elements in Minerals of the Monazite Family
Rosenblum, Sam & Fleischer, Michael
Primary view of Feasibility Study of Material-Balance Assessment of Petroleum from the New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin
Lewan, M.D.; Comer, J. B.; Hamlton-Smith, T.; Hasenmueller, N. R.; Guthrie, J. M.; Hatch, J. R. et al.
Primary view of Geologic, Geochemical, and Isotopic Studies of a Carbonate- and Siliciclastic-Hosted Pb-Zn Deposit at Lion Hill, Vermont
Foley, Nora K.; Clark, Sandra H. B.; Woodruff, Laurel G. & Mosier, Elwin L.
Primary view of Lead Isotopes from the Upper Mississippi Valley District: A Regional Perspective
Millen, Timothy M.; Zartman, Robert E. & Heyl, Allen V.
Primary view of Paleocene Vertebrates from Jabal Umm Himar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Whitmore, Frank C., Jr. & Madden, Cary T.
Primary view of Thermodynamic Properties of Minerals and Related Substances at 298.15 K and 1 Bar (105 Pascals) Pressure and at Higher Temperatures
Robie, Richard A. & Hemingway, Bruce S.
Primary view of Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Geochronology of the U.S. Virgin Islands
Alminas, Henry V.; Foord, Eugene E. & Tucker, Robert E.
Primary view of Late Cenozoic Benthic Foraminifers of the HLA Borehole Series, Beaufort Sea Shelf, Alaska
McDougall, Kristin
Primary view of Petrologic Characterization of Pelitic Schists in the Western Metamorphic Belt, Coast Plutonic-Metamorphic Complex, Near Juneau, Southeastern Alaska
Himmelberg, Glen R.; Brew, David A. & Ford, Arthur B.
Primary view of Quaternary Stratigraphy and Paleoceanography of the Canada Basin, Western Arctic Ocean
Poore, Richard Z.; Ishman, Scott E.; Phillips, R. Lawrence & McNeil, David H.
Primary view of 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra and Total-Fusion Ages of Tektites from Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Sedimentary Rocks in the Beloc Formation, Haiti
Dalrymple, G. Brent; Izett, Glen A.; Snee, Lawrence W. & Obradovich, John D.
Primary view of Geologic Studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1990
Bradley, Dwight C. & Ford, Arthur B.
Primary view of Geochemical, Biogeochemical, and Sedimentological Studies of the Green River Formation, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado
Tuttle, Michele L.
Primary view of Processing and Analysis of Commercial Satellite Image Data of the Nuclear Accident Near Chernobyl, U.S.S.R.
Sadowski, Frank G. & Covington, Steven J.
Primary view of The Shelf-Slope Transition-Canyon and Upper Slope Sedimentary Processes on the Southern Margin of Georges Bank
Valentine, Page C.