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Primary view of Here's a war job for you : railroad workers urgently needed.
Treidler, Adolph, 1886-1981.
Primary view of Keep your Red Cross at his side : give!
[c. 1945]
Primary view of This is the enemy.
Koehler, Karl. & Ancona, Victor.
[c. 1943]
Primary view of With your help China shall teach and lead her own.
Christy, Howard Chandler, 1873-1952.
[c. 1947]
Primary view of Electronics progress report, April 1--30, 1949
Heyd, J.W. & Ohmart, P.E.
December 31, 1949
Primary view of Electronics progress report, March 1--31, 1949
Heyd, J.W. & Ohmart, P.E.
December 31, 1949
Primary view of Instrumental analysis progress report, June 1--30, 1949
Timma, D.L.
December 31, 1949
Primary view of Production research progress report, March 1--31, 1949
Payne, J.H. Jr.
December 31, 1949
Primary view of Recovery of uranium and plutonium from Redox off-standard aqueous waste streams
Holm, C.H. & Matheson, A.R.
December 31, 1949
Primary view of Nomograms for Obtaining the Compound Composition of Hydrated Limes from the Oxide Analysis
Levin, Ernest M.
December 30, 1949
Primary view of A PreliminaryReport on the Mechanism of the Decomposition ofDiacetyl Peroxide in Acetic Acid
Fry, A.J.; Tolbert, B.M. & Calvin, Melvin
December 29, 1949
Primary view of Ditching Investigation of a 1/18-Scale Model of the North American B-45 Airplane
Fisher, Lloyd J. & Thompson, William C.
December 22, 1949
Primary view of Flight Test of the Aerojet 7KS-6000 T-27 Jato Rocket Motor
Bond, Aleck C. & Thibodaux, Joseph G., Jr.
December 20, 1949
Primary view of A free-flight technique for measuring damping in roll by use of rocket-powered models and some initial results for rectangular wings
Edmondson, James L & Sanders, E Claude, Jr
December 20, 1949
Primary view of Comparison of effectiveness of coordinated turns and level sideslips for correcting lateral displacement during landing approaches
Faber, Stanley
December 15, 1949
Primary view of Low-speed investigation of deflectable wing-tip ailerons on an untapered 45 degrees sweptback semispan wing with and without an end plate
Fischel, Jack & Watson, James M
December 14, 1949
Primary view of Preliminary investigation of a variable mass-flow supersonic nose inlet
Hayes, Clyde
December 13, 1949
Primary view of Comparative tests of the rolling effectiveness of constant-chord, full-delta, and half-delta ailerons on delta wings at transonic and supersonic speeds
Sandahl, Carl A & Strass, H Kurt
December 12, 1949
Primary view of Experimental investigation at supersonic speeds of side scoops employing boundary-layer suction
Edwards, Sherman S
December 12, 1949
Primary view of The effects of scale and test technique on the validity of small-scale measurements of the aerodynamic characteristics of a wing with the leading edge swept back 63 degrees
Rolls, L Stewart
December 9, 1949
Primary view of An empirical criterion for fin stabilizing jettisonable nose sections of airplanes
Scher, Stanley H
December 8, 1949
Primary view of Investigation of a thin wing of aspect ratio 4 in the Ames 12-foot pressure wind tunnel V : static longitudinal stability and control throughout the subsonic speed range of a semispan model of a supersonic airplane
Johnson, Ben H , Jr & Rollins, Francis W
December 8, 1949
Primary view of Full-Scale Hydrodynamic Evaluation of a Modified Navy J4F-2 Amphibian with a 0.425-Scale XP5M-1 Hull Bottom. TED No. NACA DE325
Land, Norman S.; Elliott, John M. & Christopher, Kenneth W.
December 7, 1949
Primary view of Aerodynamic study of a wing-fuselage combination employing a wing swept back 63 degrees : effects at subsonic speeds of a constant-chord elevon on a wing cambered and twisted for a uniform load at a lift coefficient of 0.25
Jones, J Lloyd & Demele, Fred A
December 5, 1949