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Primary view of Geotechnical Aspects of Roof and Pillar Stability in a Georgia Talc Mine
Moebs, Noel N. & Sames, Gary P.
Primary view of Investigation of Methane Occurrence and Outbursts in the Cote Blanche Domal Salt Mine, Louisiana
Molinda, Gregory M.
Primary view of Effects of Ancient Stream Channel Deposits on Mine Roof Stability: A Case Study
Ingram, David K. & Chase, Frank E.
Primary view of Methane Contents of Oil Shale from the Piceance Basin, Colorado
Schatzel, S. J.; Sainato, A. & LaScola, J. C.
Primary view of Reducing Hazards in Underground Coal Mines Through the Recognition and Delineation of Coalbed Discontinuities Caused by Ancient Channel Processes
Kertis, Carla A.
Primary view of Alumina Miniplant Operations: Separation of Aluminum Chloride Liquor from Leach Residue Solids by Classification and Thickening
Sorensen, Roy T.; Sawyer, Dwight L., Jr. & Turner, Theodore L.
Primary view of Geologic Factors in Predicting Coal Mine Roof-Rock Stability in the Upper Kittanning Coalbed, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Iannacchione, A. T.; Ulery, J. P.; Hyman, D. M. & Chase, F. E.
Primary view of Bureau of Mines Research on Trailing-Cable-Fault Locators
Conroy, George J.
Primary view of Instrument to Measure the Initial Deformation of Rock Around Underground Openings
Beus, Michael J.; Phillips, Earl L. & Waddell, Galen G.
Primary view of Electrokinetic Consolidation of Slimes in an Underground Mine
Sprute, R. H. & Kelsh, D. J.
Primary view of Drilling and Sampling Tertiary Gold-Bearing Gravels at Badger Hill, Nevada County, California
McLellan, Russell R.; Berkenkotter, Richard D.; Wilmot, Richard C. & Stahl, Robert L.
Primary view of Geology of Eocene Rocks and Oil Yields of Green River Oil Shales on Part of Kinney Rim, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
Trudell, Laurence G.; Roehler, Henry W. & Smith, John Ward
Primary view of Geophysical Measurements of Gold-Bearing Gravels, Nevada County, California
Tibbetts, Benton L. & Scott, James H.
Primary view of Oil Yields and Stratigraphy of the Green River Formation's Tipton Member at Bureau of Mines Sites Near Green River, Wyoming
Dana, George F. & Smith, John Ward
Primary view of Pressure Distribution in Irregularly Bounded Reservoirs
Higgins, R. V. & Leighton, A. J.
Primary view of Determining Seepage Characteristics of Mill-Tailings Dams by the Finite-Element Method
Kealy, C. Daniel. & Busch, Richard A.
January 1971
Primary view of Production Potential of Copper Deposits Associated with Permian Red Bed Formations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas
Stroud, R. B.; McMahan, A. B.; Stroup, R. K. & Hibpshman, M. H.
August 1970
Primary view of Geochemical Investigations for Gold, Antimony, and Silver at Stibnite, Idaho
Banister, D'Arcy P.
July 1970
Primary view of Green River Formation Lithology and Oil Shale Correlations in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado
Trudell, Laurence G.; Beard, Thomas N. & Smith, John Ward
Primary view of A Petrofabric Study of Tectonic and Mining-Induced Deformations in a Deep Mine
Gresseth, Elbridge W. & Reid, Rolland R.
September 1968
Primary view of Diesel Exhaust Contamination of Tunnel Air
Holtz, John C. & Dalzell, Robert W.
February 1968
Primary view of New England Beryllium Investigations
Barton, William R. & Goldsmith, Carl E.
Primary view of Stress Ellipsoid Determination in a Rock-Burst-Prone Area at a 4,000-Foot Depth, Galena Mine, Wallace, Idaho
Ageton, Robert W.
August 1967
Primary view of Preparation Characteristics of Pennsylvania Anthracite from the Bottom Red Ash Bed, Northern Field
Sanner, William S.
July 1967