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MTR Technical Branch Quarterly Report for First Quarter - 1954

Description: The following report is a quarterly report for first quarter in 1954 for the Phillips Petroleum Company. During the first quarter of 1954 considerable progress was made on the design, construction and testing required to initiate work on new programs. The result of this is the beginning construction and design on the Reactivity Measurement Facility.
Date: December 5, 1955
Creator: Huffman, J. R.

Measurements of B₄C and H₂O Shield in the Lid Tank : Experiment 11

Description: The following report measures neutrons and gammas in solid B4C, as well as measuring H2O containing .5% boron by weight in the lid tank. Quantities measured in the following report in borated water are: thermal neutron distribution along the center line of the source (Z); fast neutron dose vs. Z; Gamma dose vs. Z; and neutron absorption by boron within solid B4C.
Date: November 30, 1955
Creator: Blizard, E. P. & Clifford, C. E.

Critical Ionization of Potentials of Uranium Hexafluoride

Description: Introduction: "The extensive use of uranium hexafluoride in the Nier-type mass spectrometers, where the ionization is produced by slow electrons, made a knowledge of the ionization potentials of the various ions desirable. This information was not available and work was accordingly begun to secure such data. The first measurement was made with a VGIA ion gauge and has been described in TEO report CD-310. With this apparatus it was not possible to identify the ionization products and it was presumed that the value reported was for the UF5 ion. When time and equipment became available, the work was continued and the critical potentials of the singly-charged ions determined."
Date: November 28, 1955
Creator: Cameron, Angus Ewan, 1906- & White, J. R.

Influence of Gamma Irradiation on RG 8/U Cable

Description: Abstract: "Static measurements have been made of the currents produced by Co-60 gamma irradiation of solid dielectric RG 8/U cable. Sensitivity curves are presented as a function of the magnitude and polarity of the collection voltage to 90 volts. It is shown that the current is due to a polarity- and voltage-sensitive ionization component and to a polarity- and voltage-insensitive component attributed to the Compton process. The total cable sensitivity at -90 volts, with saturation not achieved, was (11 +/- 1) x 10-(-12) coulomb per roentgen-meter of cable, or 0.08 percent of what one would expect from ionization in an air dielectric cable of this volume."
Date: November 1955
Creator: Kloepper, Robert M.

Heat Transfer Characteristics of Graphite Plates with Hydrogen Coolant

Description: "This note presents the results of a parametric study of heat-generating graphite plates with hydrogen coolant flowing through constant area passages. The heat generation within the graphite was assumed to have a distribution that allowed the centerline temperature of the plates to remain constant at 5000 F. The parametric variables were the mass flow rate per unit area, plate thickness, plate length, and passage hydraulic diameter. The machine calculations were coded by Ivan Cherry, T-1."
Date: October 19, 1955
Creator: Bussard, R. W. & Durham, F. P.

An Optical Fallout Analogue

Description: This report describes the optical analogue that contains an optical filtering system which controls the intensity of light according to the assumed initial distribution of activity over height and particle size and according to the assumed decay rate, a size control system which depends on the lateral dimensions of the cloud of debris and adjusts the size of the light beam accordingly, and a position control system which moves the beam to the correct position on the plate as determined by the wind structure and the time of fall of the particles.
Date: October 1955
Creator: Felt, Gaelen L.

Liquid-Sodium Instability Experiment : Part I

Description: Abstract: "A magnetohydrodynamic model of a plasma-magnetic field instability, using liquid sodium, has been observed. The growth rate and wave length of the Taylor-type acceleration instability was observed to be in agreement with the theory of Kruskal and Schwarzschild."
Date: September 30, 1955
Creator: Colgate, Stirling A.

Plastic Deformation in Grooved Rolls

Description: This report covers a study of the deformation characteristics of uranium in grooved rolls. The study's purpose was to provide a basis for possible improvements in the uniformity of the rolled rod produced for the Hanford and Savannah River reactors.
Date: September 27, 1955
Creator: Saller, Henry A.; Keeler, John R. & Cuddy, Lee J.

Adiabatic Injection

Description: From introduction comments: The present analysis is intended to examine the relations for "adiabatic" injection in general from a different point of view.
Date: September 22, 1955
Creator: Linlor, William I., 1915-

Automatic Isotope Mass Spectrometer : Job Specification JS-741, Rev. 2

Description: The following document analyzes the Automatic Isotope Mass Spectrometer that consists of a Laboratory Isotope Mass Spectrometer, covered by Union Carbide Nuclear Company Job Specification "JS-747", which has been modified to meet Union Carbide Nuclear Company Job Specification "JS-741", as well as the instrument's samples collected and analyzed.
Date: September 16, 1955
Creator: Union Carbide Nuclear Company

The Mechanical Properties of Beta-Quenched Uranium at Elevated Temperatures

Description: The creep strength and tensile properties-were determined in vacuum for beta-quenched, derby uranium. The stresses to produce a secondary creep rate of- 0.0001 per cent per hr at 100, 250, 400, and 500 deg C were 48,000, sile strengths were 114,500, 35,100, 11,100, and 8,500 psi at temperatares of 28, 300, 500, and 700 deg C, respectively. The creep and tensile strengths decrease quite rapidly with increasing temperature in the temperatare range 250 to 400 deg C.
Date: September 6, 1955
Creator: Shober, Frederic R.; Marsh, Lyle L. & Manning, G. K.