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Homogeneous Reactor Preliminary Process Design Report

Description: "The following report is meant to serve a two fold purpose. First, it is the quarterly report of the homogeneous reactor project for the Technical Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Secondly, it is a description and general feasibility discussion of a 200-1000 K.W. pilot model, homogeneous reactor."
Date: December 28, 1949
Creator: Graham, C. B.; Secoy, C. H.; Spiewak, Irving; Taylor, E. H.; Weinberg, Alvin Martin, 1915-2006; Winters, C. E. et al.

Materials Testing Reactor Project : Addendum to Reactor Building Wing Report, Design Report No. 27A

Description: "Changes, corrections and additions to the original report are included in this addendum. These are brought about by further development of the design by Blaw-Knox, AHL and ORNL. The changes in the original wiritings are listed below in accordance with the main headings, pages and paragraphs to which they apply. Following this is a list of the contemplated personnel in the MTR program. This listing sets out the number of offices and the office furniture requirements. Also numbers for lockers, showers, toilets and rest rooms are set forth. Although the listing includes all major buildings planned for the site, it is included here since the reactor building wing is more markedly influenced by office requirements."
Date: November 25, 1949
Creator: Link, L. E. & Guzik, R. F.

Effect of Temperature on Beta-Ray Measurements

Description: Summary: "This report investigates photographic methods of measuring beta radiation and includes a study of temperature effects on these measurements. Experimental data are submitted to show that an increase in film temperature before and during beta irradiation causes a definite increase in density for the same dosage. Recommendations drawn from experience gained in the experimental works are offered."
Date: November 23, 1949
Creator: Stevens, A. J.

The Determination of Uranium by Potentiometric Titration with Ferric Sulfate

Description: Abstract: "A method for the potentiometric titration of uranium with ferric sulfate is described. This method provides a rapid and accurate way of determining the element in solutions free from interfering ions. Application of the method to analysis of pure uranium compounds and to uranium recovered from contaminated solutions by suitable procedures is briefly discussed."
Date: November 2, 1949
Creator: Grimes, W. R.

Direct Current Electromagnetic Pumps

Description: Abstract: "A number of direct current conduction type electromagnetic pumps for liquid metals were constructed. Pumping capacities of over 400 gpm and efficiencies of over 50 percent were obtained. NaK alloy at temperatures up to 400 C was used in the test. The large currents required were obtained from rectifiers or from a homopolar generator constructed for the purpose."
Date: October 25, 1949
Creator: Barnes, A. H.; Smith, F. A. & Whitham, G. K.

Fabrication of Uranium Wire

Description: From abstract: "The present report describes experimental work performed to establish a procedure for the production of uranium metal wire. In all cases, the size of the initial rod was 1/2 inch diameter. Three materials were used: hot extruded tuballoy rod, high purity cast tuballoy rod, and cast U-235 rod."
Date: October 25, 1949
Creator: Anderson, R. E.; Taub, J. M. & Doll, D. T.

Progress Report on Carnotite Studies; Carbonate Processes: September 1949

Description: This is a progress report on the carbonate process, compiled by the chemical development department of the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation's Y-12 plant, covering the month of September, 1949. In the previous month, the problem of immediate interest to the Monticello operation were listed. Projects that were left incomplete during that time were continued during this month, as well as a brief investigation of the process in which raw ore is leached with sodium carbonate, the sands and slime separated, the sands leached with acid, and the slimes roasted in a pellitized form.
Date: October 6, 1949
Creator: Brown, K. B. & Coleman, C. F.

Optical Properties of Three Uranium Phosphates

Description: Abstract: "Crystal system, crystal habit, and principal refractive indices, of uranyl hydrogen phosphate tetrahydrate, uranyl ammonium phosphate trihydrate, and uranyl phosphate tetrahydrate are reported. A procedure for differentation of these three compounds using this data was developed."
Date: September 30, 1949
Creator: Harris, W. W. & Scott, Roberta H.