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Manual of Radiation Protection Standards

Description: "The following is an alphabetical listing of terms and units in common usage at Hanford Atomic Products Operation. Other terms and definitions may be added as the need becomes apparent or as revisions or additional terms are issued by the NCRP and ICRP."
Date: March 1, 1960
Creator: General Electric Company

Hanford Works Radiological Sciences Department, Research and Development Activities, Quarterly Progress Report: April - June, 1952

Description: Introduction: "This eleventh quarterly report of the research and development activities of the Radiological Sciences Department, Hanford Works, as before, includes some items charged to control but included for general interest. Such are identified as "not charged to research". The previous report of this series was numbered: HW-24131 - April 16, 1952."
Date: 1960
Creator: Hanford Works. Radiological Sciences Department.

A Two-Group Calculation of the Transients in an Externally Driven Reactor with Reflector

Description: Summary: "Expressions for the fast and thermal flux in the core of an externally driven, symmetrical infinite slab reactor with a reflector are derived as a function of the reflector thickness. The driver is represented by an inward current of fast neutrons through the outer boundary of the reflector. The flux distribution curve is plotted for several values of reflector thickness. The object is to determine the effect of changing reflector thickness on the flattening of the flux inside of the core of such a reactor."
Date: 1960
Creator: Norbeck, Edwin

Corrosion of 2-S Aluminum in Potassium Tetraborate Solution

Description: From summary: "A laboratory test was conducted to determine the feasibility of using an uninhibited solution of potassium tetraborate in steam condensate as a material for a pile ink facility. The evaluation was made from the standpoints of 2-5 aluminum corrosion, the rate and composition of film build-up on aluminum flow surfaces, and the change of solution composition."
Date: 1957
Creator: Miller, N. R.

The Determination of Fluoride in Plutonium Metal by Thorium Titration

Description: Abstract: "A titrimetric method for the determination of fluoride in plutonium is reported. Prior to a steam distillation of the fluoride, the bulk of the plutonium is separated by precipitation of the sulfate. The fluoride in the distillate is titrated at a pH of 3.2 with 0.001 M thorium nitrate, using chrome azurol-S indicator. Applied to samples containing 1 to 15 parts per million fluoride, the recovery is 87% and the precision on the 95% confidence level is +/- 0.65 ppm."
Date: May 4, 1954
Creator: Ferguson, W. S. & Newell, D. M.

General Flattening and Power Curves

Description: Introduction: "In the evaluation of pile designs it is necessary to know how the production varies with the number of tubes. It has been possible to solve the problem in terms of some general parameters whose values may be quickly computed for any specific design when the pertinent information is available."
Date: March 30, 1953
Creator: Gast, Paul F.

Factors Affecting the Concentration of TBP Plant Wastes

Description: Introduction: "The problem of determining the properties and necessary controls on the TBP Plant waste disposal to eliminate transport line plugging and to permit higher concentration prior to return of this to the tank farms was studied. A report of preliminary findings was made to L. W. Finsh on January 31, 1953. This report compiles information in the aforementioned report and findings since its issuance. Previous studies related to this problem are summarized in the U. R. Technical Manual, HW-19140."
Date: March 25, 1953
Creator: Shepard, D. F.

Investigation of Explosive Characteristics of Purex Solvent Decomposition Products (Red Oil)

Description: Abstract: "Laboratory production of an explosion between UNH and "red oil" under calcination conditions has been accomplished. Attempted production of a vapor phase explosion was unsuccessful below 150-160 C. Since such severe conditions are necessary to obtain an explosive reaction, it appears that present Purex plant design is adequate to avoid explosive conditions."
Date: March 17, 1953
Creator: Wagner, Robert M.

The Analysis of TBP Process Streams for Calcium with the Flame Photometer

Description: Summary: A method was found for determining calcium concentrations in TBP process streams in spite of serious interferences bysodium, ferrous, uranyl, sulfate, phosphate, and sulfamate ions as well as by TBP. The precision attainable varied from sample to sample, depending upon its composition. In general, errors of 20% or greater occurred. The smallest determinable amount of calcium was about 10 mg/1.
Date: February 20, 1953
Creator: Brite, D. W.

The Valve Actuated Pulse Column Design

Description: Abstract: "The valve-actuated pulse column is employed to give phase separation on each half cycle in the countercurrent flow cycle and provides independent control over each step in the cycle. The dependence on temperature of operation, on pulse frequency and amplitude, and on plate design and spacing has been studied for extraction and stripping of uranium with tributyl phosphate in a hydrocarbon diluent. It is found that the efficiency increases quite significantly as the temperature is raised regardless of the direction of transfer and this increased efficiency is accompanied by greater operational freedom. A decrease in hole size, decrease in plate separation and increase in frequency all lead to higher efficiency in agreement with the concept that small drops continually formed coalesced and reformed, lead to maximum interphase transfer. The high extraction efficiency of the column is probably aided further by the relatively sharp pulse produced."
Date: February 16, 1953
Creator: Burger, L. L. & Clark, L. H.

Hanford Works Analytical Manual for Reactor Process Water

Description: Purpose: "The Hanford Works Analytical Manual for Process Water is designed to specify the analytical methods to be applied for control purposes in the Reactor Section, Process Sub-Section laboratories. The procedures are in general form and serve as references rather than outlined laboratory instructions. The manual us designed to replace the "Hanford Works Manual," HW-12862."
Date: February 13, 1953
Creator: Hanford Works

Transformation and Magnetic Phenomena Occuring in Boron Stainless Steel Vertical Safety Rods

Description: Summary: "The low carbon 18-8 stainless steels containing approximately 1.7 per cent boron used for vertical safety rods at Hanford were found to be structurally stable in the temperature range 0-450 C. The addition of boron decreases the stability of this metastable austenitic alloy. Sufficient ferrite formation is induced by sub-zero temperature treatments to result in dimensional changes and a magnetic alloy. The difficulties encountered in machining this material are believed to be due primarily to segregation in the castings resulting in small areas of the hard intermetallic compound, FeB."
Date: February 6, 1953
Creator: Hueschen, R. E.

Heavy Aggregate Investigation

Description: This report follows a manuscript report made in January 11, 1952, and provides results of a survey that gives corrections as well as suggestions for new and local sources of aggregate material in comparison to the original report. These reports were made in response to a heavy desire of improvement in reactor design and shielding.
Date: December 19, 1952
Creator: Brown, R. E.

X-ray Photometric Assay of Plutonium in Metal Castings

Description: This following report discusses certain topics pertinent to the x-ray photometric method, such as the optimum size of sample and of sample concentration, the technique of measurement for high precision, the use of easily prepared uranium standards for future calibrations and corrections for extraneous substances, and it compares results obtained by both x-ray and chemical assays.
Date: December 12, 1952
Creator: Lambert, M. C.