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Variation of Critical Parameters Between U-235 Assays of 4.9 Percent and 93.5 Percent

Description: The following report uses empirical relations and the elementary diffusion theory transformation, the EDIT, to predict some of the minimum critical values of the various parameters of interest with reasonable accuracy. This document reports the minimal critical mass, volume, and cylinder diameter for uranium of 4.9% assay.
Date: October 23, 1953
Creator: Henry, Hugh F. & Newlon, C. E.

Welded Closures for Fuel Elements

Description: From abstract: "The inert-gas metal-arc welding process was used to determine weldability studies of various aluminum alloys that are being considered for use as can materials. The solid-phase and induction welding processes were also investigated for making can closures."
Date: October 8, 1953
Creator: Sopher, R. P.; Martin, G. E.; Grable, G. B.; Voldrich, C. B.; Leatherman, A. F. & Todd, F. C.

The Effectiveness of Spray Cooling

Description: Abstract: "A possible method of cooling a liquid-fuel reactor is by spraying liquid metal through the liquid fuel, and then circulating the liquid metal through a heat exchanger. To evaluate the effectiveness of this cooling method, a few simple experiments were made with mercury sprayed through water. On the basis of the results, it was concluded that this method was intrinsically a low-power-density method, which could not find application except where a low fissionable-material inventory was the dominating requirement in a low-power reactor. Even there, it is thought that a boiling homogeneous reactor might be superior. The results are reported, in spite of their probably lack of value in the reactor program, simply to make the record complete."
Date: October 1, 1953
Creator: Dayton, R. W.; Allen, C. M. & Miller, N. E.

Lunar Height Changes in the E-Layer

Description: Abstract: "The height changes produced by vertical electronic diffusion in the presence of negative ions are examined in some detail. Application of the results to the E-layer shows that a previous qualitative discussion remains valid."
Date: October 1953
Creator: Johnson, M. H.