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Improved Zirconium Alloys : Quarterly Report, October 1, 1960 - December 31, 1960

Description: The following report is one of a series of quarterly reports following the progress and development of improved zirconium alloys for service in superheated water and steam. This report covers the period between October 1 to December 31, 1960 and was conducted by the United States and the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM).
Date: February 2, 1961
Creator: Weinstein, Daniel.; Holtz, F. C. & Van Thyne, R. J.

An Exact Analysis of Limited Plane Plasma in a Magnetic Field

Description: Introduction: "Prior analyses of a plasma in a magnetic field have been limited, as far as the writer is aware, to cases in which the relative change in field over the orbital distance and the relative change in ion concentration are both small, or in which the relations have been viewed in a purely hydrodynamical way. The first approach excludes cases which can be of considerable interests, for it fails near a plasma edge. The second loses all sight of the structure imposed by the orbital motions."
Date: December 2, 1954
Creator: Tonks, Lewi, 1897-1971

The Fabrication of Stainless Steel-Uranium Dioxide Fuel Elements

Description: Abstract: "Stainless steel-clad fuel sheet 0.020 in. thick with a 0.008-in. core of stainless steel plus UO2 was produced by roll cladding a powder metal compact. The effects of processing variables, core-matrix composition, quantity of oxide, and oxide particle size on the properties of the sheet were investigated. The strength and ductility of the core decreased sharply as the quantity of oxide in the core increased from 20 to 40 w/o. Over the range of matrix compositions investigated the particle size of the oxide had little affect on the core strength. In cores containing 21 w/o of oxide. 18 w/o chromium, 82 w/o iron matrix prepared from the elemental metal powders had the highest strength and ductility, but this matrix was susceptible to cracking during thermal cycling. As elemental 18 w/o chromium, 9 w/o nickel, 73 w/o iron matrix was the most satisfactory from the standpoint of fabrication and over-all characteristics of the resulting sheet."
Date: March 2, 1954
Creator: Keeler, J. R.; Keller, D. L. & Cuddy, L. J.

Gas Titration Methods for Uranium Hexafluoride

Description: This report studies the reactions between gaseous uranium hexafluoride and several gaseous reagents for possible analytical application that has been underway while using a buggy designed for gaseous titration studies. This study primarily focuses on methods to analyze gases containing uranium hexafluoride and physically absorbed uranium hexafluoride.
Date: December 2, 1953
Creator: Weber, C. W.

Dissolution of NaK

Description: Abstract: "A rapid yet safe method for the dissolution of sodium-potassium alloys prior to chemical or instrumental analysis has been devised. The alloy is submerged beneath the surface of an inert organic reagent and dissolved at a controlled rate by adding methanol drop-by-drop. A blanket of inert gas is maintained over the reaction flask. The procedure has been successfully used to dissolve samples of NaK in the range of 0.05 to 25 grams."
Date: December 2, 1952
Creator: White, J. C.; Talbott, C. K. & Brady, L. J.

Initial Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Uranium at Elevated Temperatures

Description: Introduction: "Knowledge of the mechanical properties of uranium at elevated temperature is essential in order to understand and predict the fabrication characteristics and pile behavior of this metal. This report presents the experimental data obtained from beta heat-treated specimens which were originally machined from one production, alpha-rolled uranium rod."
Date: December 2, 1952
Creator: Hueschen, R. E. & Pitt, C. H.

Flux Distribution - Converter Reactor

Description: From introduction: "A simplified calculation has been carried out in order to gain some insight into the flux distribution, peak to average power density, efficiency of a catching blanket and the effect of a reflector in the proposed converter reactor."
Date: January 2, 1952
Creator: Cohen, E. Richard, 1922-

Viscosity and Settling Rates of TBP Waste Metal Slurries as a Function of Shear

Description: This report follows work that is meant to determine the settling rate and viscosity of Hanford Waste metal slurry as a function of prolonged agitation and shear, and to repeat these determinations on a synthetic incubated material similar to that used in the acidification studies, HW-18367, and to make a direct comparison between the genuine and simulated wastes.
Date: January 2, 1951
Creator: Varga, L. P. & Harmon, M. K.

The Determination of Uranium by Potentiometric Titration with Ferric Sulfate

Description: Abstract: "A method for the potentiometric titration of uranium with ferric sulfate is described. This method provides a rapid and accurate way of determining the element in solutions free from interfering ions. Application of the method to analysis of pure uranium compounds and to uranium recovered from contaminated solutions by suitable procedures is briefly discussed."
Date: November 2, 1949
Creator: Grimes, W. R.