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Making America strong : U.S. industry today employs 18 men to back up one soldier in the Army.

Description: Black & white chart features comic-book style drawings. The main image is of a soldier on the battlefield. A pictograph shows how the number of industrial workers per soldier has grown through the centuries, from 55 BC to 1940. In the upper left corner is a drawing of a factory with smokestacks.
Date: 1942?
Creator: National Association of Manufacturers (U.S.)

Save waste fats.

Description: 4 black, white, and gray cartoons. Each has a caption: Fat in frying pan: "Save waste fat and greases"; pouring waste fat through strainer: "Strain into clean can"; Can of fat in storage area: "keep in cool dark place"; woman handing can to butcher: "sell it to your meat dealer."
Date: 1942
Creator: United States. War Production Board. Bureau of Industrial Conservation.

Screening the Axis.

Description: A mesh metal being stands upright holding a metal sieve through which he strains the metal weaponry out of the enemy. Nazi and Japanese soldiers rain down into the sieve. Above and behind them are dark clouds with lightning striking downward toward the sieve. In the far background is a town.
Date: 1942
Creator: Artzybasheff, Boris, 1899-1965.

Springs with stings ... : you can speed victory by salvaging and selling old metal. The steel industry needs scrap!

Description: A black & white drawing on the top half of the poster shows a metal spring figure pinching a cartoon Hitler's nose. Hitler's bare arms and legs form a swastika, and he holds a knife. The lower portion of the poster is text, with a small picture displaying various steel products. Under drawing is text and picture saying what steel is used for. The company's name, address, and logo appear at the bottom. Red text at the bottom explains the purpose of the advertisement and where it appears: Time and Business Week.
Date: 1942
Creator: Artzybasheff, Boris, 1899-1965.

Take care! : idle hands work for Hitler.

Description: Color poster featuring a black & white photograph. An adult male stands on the left side of the poster facing the viewer. He is wearing a cap, his left arm is in a sling, and he wears a large button or badge above his right chest pocket.
Date: 1942
Creator: United States. War Production Board.