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Design and Feasibility Study of a Pebble Bed Reactor-Steam Power Plant

Description: Originally issued as S and P 1963A, Parts I and II. This report covers a design and feasibility study of a pebble bed reactor-steam power plant of 125 megawatt electrical output. The reactor design which evolved from this study is a two-region thermal breeder, operating on the uranium-thorium cycle, in which all core structural materials are graphite. Fuel is in the form of unclad spherical elements of graphite, containing fissile and fertile material. The primary loop consists of the reactor plus three steam generators and blowers in parallel. Plant design and system analysis including cost analysis and capital cost summary are given.
Date: May 1, 1958

Li⁶ and Li⁷ (n. 2n) Cross Sections at 14.1 Mev

Description: Abstract: "An absolute measurement of the 14.1-Mev (n, 2n) cross sections of Li-6 and Li-7 has been made using the large scintillator technique, resulting in cross sections in barns of 0.070 +/- 0.006 and 0.056 +/- 0.005 for Li-6 and Li-7, respectively."
Date: May 29, 1958
Creator: Ashby, V. J.; Catron, H. C.; Newkirk, Lester L.; Taylor, C. J. & Williamson, M. A.

Selected Values of the Physical Properties of Various Materials

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing selected physical properties of various solids, liquids, and gases of interest in nuclear reactor heat transfer and fluid flow analysis. In most cases, values for thermal conductivity specific heat, density, viscosity, and Prandtl numbers are given as functions of temperature. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: September 1958
Creator: Tebo, F. J.

Potential Applications of Nuclear Energy for Process and Space Heat in the United States

Description: A survey and analysis of the potential opportunity for the use of nuclear reactors to satisfy process and space heat requirements in the continental United States and Alaska has been completed. The greatest emphasis has been devoted to manufacturing industries that utilize large quantities of process heat.
Date: October 1958
Creator: Geiringer, Paul Ludwig & Goodfriend, Morton J.

Organic Reactor Waste Gas Analyzer

Description: The design of a waste-gas treatment system for organic moderated reactors requires a knowledge of reactor waste-gas composition, generation rate, and radioactivity. To obtain data on these variables a continuous stream analyzer was constructed to analyze the waste gas from the Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment (OMRE).
Date: October 15, 1958
Creator: Gilroy, H. M. & Edwards, R. J.

Applied Nuclear Physics Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending September 10, 1956

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing work completed by the Applied Nuclear Physics Division during 1956. Summaries of experiments conducted and project developments are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: November 20, 1958
Creator: Blizard, E. P.; Simon, A.; Callihan, A. D.; Clifford, C. E.; Maienschein, F. C. & Peelle, R. W.

Standard Practices Guide for Writing Experimental Operating Manuals

Description: This is a sample operating manual designed to aid experimenters in writing operating manuals for MTR and ETR experiments. It contains what is felt to be the necessary information for operating a particular experiment. One of the main functions of an operating manual is to provide quick reference to material needed in an emergency. It is believed this type of manual provides the required information without an excessive amount of bulky, surplus material.
Date: December 15, 1958
Creator: Ford, J. D.

The HGCR-1, a Design Study of a Nuclear Power Station Employing a High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor with Graphite-UO₂ Fuel Elements

Description: "The preliminary design of a 3095-Mw(thermal), helium-cooled, graphite- moderated reactor employing sign conditions, 1500 deg F reactor outlet gas would be circulated to eight steam generators to produce 1050 deg F, 1450-psi steam which would be converted to electrical power in eight 157-Mw(electrical) turbine- generators. The over-all efficiency of this nuclear power station is 36.5%. The significant activities released from the unclad graphite-UO₂ fuel appear to be less than 0.2% of those produced and would be equivalent to 0.002 curie/ cm/ sup 3/ in the primary helium circuit. The maintenance problems associated with this contamination level are discussed. A cost analysis indicates that the capital cost of this nuclear station per electrical kilowatt would be around 0, and that the production cost of electrical power would be 7.8 mills/kwhr" (p. iii).
Date: 1959
Creator: Cottrell, William B.; Copenhaver, C. M.; Culver, H. N.; Fontana, M. H.; Kelleghan, V. J. & Samuels, G.