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Primary view of Fish and Wildlife Service: Compensation to Local Governments
Corn, M. Lynne
March 6, 1990
Primary view of The Unification of Germany: Background and Analysis of the Two-Plus-Four Talks
Gallis, Paul E.
April 16, 1990
Primary view of Iraq-Kuwait: U.N. Security Council Resolutions -- Texts and Votes
Browne, Marjorie Ann
November 1, 1990
Primary view of German Unification
Gallis, Paul E. & Woehrel, Steven
November 6, 1990
Primary view of The Fair Labor Standards Act: Changes Made by the 101st Congress and Their Implications
Whittaker, William G.
January 1, 1991
Primary view of How to Follow Current Federal Legislation and Regulations
Davis, Carol D
January 10, 1991
Primary view of China's Prospects After Tiananmen Square: Current Conditions, Future Scenarios, and a Survey of Expert Opinion
Dumbaugh, Kerry; Kan, Shirley A. & Sutter, Robert G.
January 15, 1991
Primary view of Commercial Relations with the Soviet Union: Prospects for a Common United States Japanese Policy
Hardt, John P.
February 25, 1991
Primary view of Military and Civilian Satellites in Support of Allied Forces in the Persian Gulf War
Smith, Marcia S.
February 27, 1991
Primary view of Japan's World War II Reparations: A Fact Sheet
Niksch, Larry A.
March 7, 1991
Primary view of Japan: Resale Price Maintenance
Nanto, Dick K.
March 28, 1991
Primary view of The US Role in a New World Order: Prospects for George Bush's Global Vision
unknown creator
March 28, 1991
Primary view of Lobbying by Foreign Interests: Japan
Sachs, Richard C
April 5, 1991
Primary view of Japanese Companies and Technology: Lessons to Learn?
Schacht, Wendy H.
April 15, 1991
Primary view of Desert Shield and Desert Storm Implications for Future U.S. Force Requirements
Collins, John M.
April 19, 1991
Primary view of National Emergency Powers
Relyea, Harold C.
April 29, 1991
Primary view of Persian Gulf War: Defense-Policy Implications for Congress
O'Rourke, Ronald
May 15, 1991
Primary view of Japan's Response to the Persian Gulf Crisis: Implications for U.S. -Japan Relations
Niksch, Larry A. & Sutter, Robert G.
May 23, 1991
Primary view of Japan-U.S. Trade: A Chronology of Major Events, 1980-1990
Morrison, Wayne M. & Villarreal, M. Angeles
June 20, 1991
Primary view of Japanese and U.S. Industrial Associations: Their Roles in High-Technology Policymaking
Nanto, Dick K. & McLoughlin, Glenn J.
June 26, 1991
Primary view of Treatment Technologies at Superfund Sites
Wozniak, Alborz A. & Reisch, Mark
June 27, 1991
Primary view of Conventional Arms Transfers to the Third World, 1983-1990
unknown creator
August 2, 1991
Primary view of Japan-U.S. Trade and Economic Relations: Bibliography-In-Brief, 1990-1991
Howe, Robert
September 5, 1991
Primary view of Japan's Prime Minister: Selection Process, 1991 Candidates, and Implications for the United States
Young, Jeffrey D
September 24, 1991