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Description: A guide to growing and using alfalfa on the farm. Includes recommendations for different regions of the United States.
Date: 1921
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.
Item Type: Book

Plans of rural community buildings.

Description: Describes the plans and procedures for constructing rural community buildings, and their uses.
Date: January 1921
Creator: Nason, W. C. (Wayne Crocker), b. 1874. & Galpin, Charles Josiah, b. 1864.
Item Type: Book

Standard containers for fruits and vegetables.

Description: Discusses the necessity for the standardization and regulation of containers for marketing fruits and vegetables.
Date: April 1921
Creator: Downing, F. P. & Samson, H. W. (Harold Willis), 1888-1927.
Item Type: Book

Rice as food.

Description: Describes the international importance of rice; provides various dishes, recipes, tips, and cooking methods, all revolving around rice as a main foodstuff.
Date: May 1921
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture. Office of Home Economics.
Item Type: Book

Motor trucks on eastern farms.

Description: Describes the use of motor trucks on farms in the eastern United States and evaluates costs and benefits.
Date: July 1921
Creator: Tolley, H. R. (Howard Ross), 1889-1958. & Church, L. M. (Lillian M.), 1872-1939.
Item Type: Book

Milk and its uses in the home.

Description: A consumer guide to buying, storing, and using milk.
Date: August 1921
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture. States Relations Service.
Item Type: Book

Planting and care of street trees.

Description: Describes the importance of shade trees within city limits, including: how to plan the layout of street trees; the various types of trees best suited for city growth; and how to properly maintain city-grown trees.
Date: August 1921
Creator: Mulford, Furman Lloyd, b. 1869.
Item Type: Book

Drying crude drugs.

Description: Explains the fundamental principles of drying crude vegetable drugs. Provides drawings and instructions for constructing two types of driers.
Date: November 1921
Creator: Russell, G. A.
Item Type: Book