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Geology and Ore Deposits of the Picher Field, Oklahoma and Kansas

Description: From Purpose and Scope of Report: This report presents a detailed description of the ore deposits of the Picher field and all phases of geology having a bearing on their localization, origin, and the search for them. It is based mainly on work done by the U.S. Geological Survey, but it also incorporates pertinent data from published literature, especially from the outstanding work of George M. Fowler and associates, and some unpublished data obtained from the geologic staffs of the mining companies.
Date: 1970
Creator: McKnight, Edwin Thor & Fischer, Richard P.

Green River Formation Lithology and Oil Shale Correlations in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the oil-shale formations of the Green River in the Piceance Creek Basin. Detailed descriptions of oil-shale samples taken from the Green River formation are presented. This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and a photograph.
Date: 1970
Creator: Trudell, Laurence G.; Beard, Thomas N. & Smith, John Ward

Investigation of Multistage Flash Phenomena in a Three-Stage Test System

Description: From Introduction: "This report covers the information resulting from these tasks and additionally the solution to a serious difficulty in obtaining stable operation and reasonable distillate purity due to foaming and priming which was much more serious in three stage test device than it had been in the original two-stage unit."
Date: January 1970
Creator: Williamson, W. R. & Gilbert, F. W.

Mineral Materials for Chemical Manufacturing: A Survey of Supply and demand by the Chemical Industry in the Ohio River Basin of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing mineral materials of the Ohio River Basin. As stated in the abstract, "this study is a survey of supply and demand for minerals, metals, alloys, and compounds used by the chemical industries in the Ohio River Basin area of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia during 1967" (p. 1). This report includes maps, tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1970
Creator: Irani, Meherwan C. & Hartwell, J. W.

Prereduced Iron Ore Pellets: Preparation, Properties, Utilization

Description: Report discussing the a new agglomerated raw material: partially reduced, hardened iron ore pellets. The pellets are a versatile product suitable for adaptation to both ironmaking and steelmaking. Includes discussion of the technology involved in making prereduced pellets, laboratory techniques, problems of production, data from blast furnace smelting, the economics of production, and the future of the industry.
Date: 1970
Creator: Fine, M. M. & Melcher, N. B.

Supply and Demand for Energy in the United States by States and Regions, 1960 and 1965: Integrated Energy Balances and Energy Flows (Prepared from Four Parts)

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing state and regional supply and demand data. Integrated energy balances and energy flows are presented and used "to produce, transform, and transport energy to the point of consumption" (p. 1). This report includes maps, tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1970
Creator: Zaffarano, R. F.; Yasnowsky, P. N.; Crump, L. H. & Mo, W. Y.

Surface Mine Reclamation, Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing mine reclamation at Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania. As stated in the introduction, "this Bureau of Mines report has been prepared to provide the general public, private industry, and Federal and State Governments with current surface mine reclamation data on the methods and costs of a reclamation project where project specifications required that the disturbed lands be returned to their original contour" (p. 1). This report includes maps, tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1970
Creator: McNay, Lewis M.

Survey of Micromanometers

Description: This survey is concerned with instrumentation for measuring pressures from about 0.001 to 50mm of mercury (0.13 to 6650 Nm-2), described in publications during the years 1900-1968. U-tube micromanometers and diaphragm-capacitance gages are treated in considerable detail. Other instrumentation described includes gas column manometers; elastic element micromanometers with optical, inductance, resistance wire, strain gage, and vacuum tube transducers; piston gages; vane gages; and centrifugal micromanometers. The measurement of dynamic pressure, atmospheric pressure oscillations, low vapor pressure, and calibration techniques are discussed. Schematic diagrams of approximately 70 instruments are included. References to the sources of information and available performance data are given.
Date: 1970
Creator: Brombacher, W. G.

Transportation of Iron Ore, Limestone, and Bituminous Coal on the Great Lakes Waterway System: With Projections to 1995

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing the transportation of minerals on the Great Lakes Waterway System. As stated in the abstract, "this study provides data on the physical and hydrological makeup of the Great Lakes waterway system and forecasts quantities, traffic patterns, and shipping cost of prospective bulk mineral commerce projected to be transported upon it" (p. 1). This report includes maps, tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1970
Creator: Aase, James H.

An Analytical Model for Predicting Cross-Country Vehicle Performance, Appendix D: Performance of Amphibious Vehicles in the Water-Land Interface (Hydrologic Geometry)

Description: Summary: "Forty tests were conducted with two amphibious tracked vehicles and one amphibious wheeled vehicle at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., and near Khon Kaen, Thailand, to determine the vehicles' capabilities for exiting closed bodies of water. Empirical relations, based on the data collected in this study and in previous studies, are presented to support the conclusions that performance of amphibious tracked and wheeled vehicles (in terms of "go-no go") in the water-land interface can be correlated with soil strength (expressed as average cone index of the 0- to 6-in. soil layer), and that the slope-climbing ability in the water-land interface of the tracked vehicles tested compares favorably with that of the same vehicles operating on land surfaces of similar soil composition and consistency" (p. ix).
Date: February 1970
Creator: Blackmon, Claude A.; Stinson, B. G. & Stoll, J. K.

Automatic Indexing: A State-of-the-Art Report

Description: Report issued by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing results of a survey conducted on automatic mechanized indexing and data processing. As stated in the introduction, "it has concentrated on the major developments in and related demonstrations of automatic indexing potentialities. Examples are also given of indexes compiled by machine and of potentially related research efforts in such areas as natural language text searching, statistical association techniques used for search and retrieval, and proposed systems for concept processing" (p. 1). This report includes an illustration.
Date: February 1970
Creator: Stevens, Mary Elizabeth

Short- and Long-Time Deflections of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs

Description: Summary: "This report summarizes the results of a field investigation to determine the short- and long-time deflections and concrete strains in an Army barracks flat-plate structure at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas. Due to the rather great slab thickness of 9 in., corresponding to an L/T ratio of approximately 28, all observed deflections were small and in no instance exceeded 0.022 ft, or about 1/800 of the shorter span, during the 45-month observation period, in spite of an early temporary construction load estimated to have been almost 30 percent in excess of the total design load. The measured short-time deflections under various loading conditions compared reasonably well with deflections predicted by use of the ersatz frame analysis method" (p. ix).
Date: February 1970
Creator: Geymayer, H. G. & McDonald, J. E.

Research and Development in the Computer and Information Sciences: [Part] 1. Information Acquistion, Sensing, and Input: A Selective Literature Review

Description: From Introduction: "This report is the first of a series intended to provide a selective overview of research and development efforts and requirements in the somewhat overlapping fields of the computer and information sciences and technologies. The projected series of reports will attempt to outline the probable range of R & D activities in the computer and information sciences and technologies through selective reviews of the literature and to develop a reasonable consensus with respect to the opinions of workers in these and potentially related fields as to areas of continuing R & D concern for research program planning or review in these areas."
Date: March 1970
Creator: Stevens, Mary Elizabeth

Vacuum-Freezing Vapor-Compression Process: Evaluation on Brackish Water

Description: From Abstract: "The Vacuum-Freezing Vapor-Compression (VFVC) Process was evaluated on high salinity brackish water during the period from February 1968 through December 1969 by Colt Industries Inc., under O.S.W. Contract No. 14-01-0001-967 at Roswell, New Mexico. The 15,000 gpd VFVC test plant is mounted on a mobile trailer which was built by Colt Industries Inc. in their factory at Beloit, Wisconsin. Prior to operation at Roswell, the plant was operated at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to check out the system and to operate the trailer on sea water." Process Description: "A simplified diagram, Figure 2, shows both the essential components of the process and flow paths of the various streams in the system. Typical heat and mass balances are shown on Figures 3 and 4."
Date: March 1970
Creator: Jhawar, M. M. & Fraser, J. H.

Considered Lake Erie-Lake Ontario Waterway: Hydraulic Model Investigation

Description: Report describing the results of studies meant to provide "determination of the most functional and economical location for a lock in the vicinity of Buffalo, N. Y., and evaluation of navigation conditions at the entrance to an overland canal joining the American channel of the Niagara River northwest of North Tonawanda, N. Y." (p. ix).
Date: April 1970
Creator: Murphy, Thomas E.

Power Plant Operating and Maintenance Costs

Description: Report issued by the Brookhaven National Laboratory discussing costs of power plant operations. As stated in the objective, "the objective of this study was to determine and evaluate operating and maintenance costs for nuclear power plants" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: April 1970
Creator: Susskind, H. & Raseman, C. J.