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Primary view of Results of a Biological Survey of the San Francisco Mountain Region and Desert of the Little Colorado, Arizona
Merriam, C. Hart & Stejneger, Leonhard
September 11, 1890
Primary view of The Death Valley Expedition: A Biological Survey of Parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, Part 2
Fisher, A. K.; Stejneger, Leonhard; Gilbert, Charles H.; Riley, C. V.; Stearns, R. E. C.; Merriam, C. Hart et al.
May 31, 1893
Primary view of Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910: Part 1. -- Analyses
Lord, N. W.
Primary view of Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910 Part 2. Descriptions of Samples
Lord, N. W.
Primary view of The San Franciscan Volcanic Field, Arizona
Robinson, Henry Hollister
Primary view of Gypsum Products: Their Preparation and Uses
Stone, Ralph W.
July 1917
Primary view of The Copper Deposits of Ray and Miami, Arizona
Ransome, Frederick Leslie
Primary view of Leaching Nonsulphide Copper Ores with Sulphur Dioxide
Van Barneveld, Charles E. & Leaver, Edmund S.
May 1923
Primary view of Factors Governing the Entry of Solutions into Ores During Leaching
Sullivan, John D.; Keck, Walter E. & Oldright, George L.
Primary view of Innovations in Copper Leaching Employing Ferric Sulphate-Sulphuric Acid
Keyes, Harmon E.
Primary view of Ventilation of the Large Copper Mines of Arizona
McElroy, G. E.
Primary view of Methods and Costs of Stripping and Mining at the United Verde Open-Pit Mine, Jerome, Arizona
Alenius, E. M. J.
February 1930
Primary view of The Kaiparowits Region: A Geographic and Geologic Reconnaissance of Part of Utah and Arizona
Gregory, Herbert E. & Moore, Raymond C.
Primary view of Quicksilver
Schuette, C. N.
Primary view of Procedure of the Purchasing and Supply Departments of the Miami Copper Company, Miami, Arizona
Bishop, Fred L. & Keller, Albert E.
May 1932
Primary view of Accounting System and Office-Management Procedure for Medium-Size Metal Mines
Keller, Albert E.
Primary view of United States Earthquakes, 1938
unknown creator
Primary view of Vanadium Deposits in the Carrizo Mountains District, Navajo Indian Reservation, Northeastern Arizona and Northwestern New Mexico
Duncan, Donald C. & Stokes, William Lee
Primary view of Some Haulage and Hoisting Hazards in Western Mines
Denny, E. H. & Humphrey, H. B.
December 1942
Primary view of Trends in the Use of Energy in the Western States, With Particular Reference to Coal
Parry, V. F.
January 1943
Primary view of Memorandum Listing the Areas in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico that are Geologically Favorable for Developing Large Reserves of Vanadium Ore by Prospecting
Fischer, R. P.
April 10, 1943
Primary view of Report on Reserves and Production Situation of Vanadiferous and Related Ores in Colorado Plateau Region
Fischer, Richard P. & Stokes, William Lee
October 10, 1943
Primary view of Manganese Deposits in the Artillery Mountains Region, Mohave County, Arizona
Lasky, Samuel G. & Webber, N. B.
Primary view of Geology and Ore Resources of the Uranium-Vanadium Depositional Province of the Colorado Plateau Region
Webber, Benjamin N.
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