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Magnetic Recorder for Nuclear Pulse Application : Covering the Period from December 6, 1959 to February 5, 1960

Description: "Abstract: An evaluation of a modulator flux sensitive playback head to be used with an analog magnetic recorder for nuclear pulse information storage was made. The modulator head was found unsultable. A pulse stretching unit was constructed which takes pulses from a standard linear pulse amplifier and provides an output signal suitable for driving a recording head."
Date: February 24, 1960
Creator: Burgwald, G. M.

Design Studies on Cesium-137 as a Source for High Level Gamma Irradiators : Quarterly Progress Report no. 2 Covering the Period from September 1, 1959 to December 1, 1959

Description: "Further studies are reported on the analytical behavior and experimental testing of Cs/sup 137/ plaque irradiator designs. Low-level sources used for the initial experiments consisted of about 7 mc of Cs/sup 137/ aqueous solution in brass trays 20 by 20 by 1/2 in. high having wall thicknesses of 1/16 in. Calibration tests were made preliminary to radiation field mapping. (T.R.H.)."
Date: February 29, 1960
Creator: Voyvodic, L.