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Defense Primer: Military Pay Raise

Description: This report discusses military pay raises and the annual statutory basic pay raise based on changes in the Employment Cost Index. It includes descriptions of information related to the topic along with a table of historical increases in basic pay.
Date: August 1, 2018
Creator: Kapp, Lawrence

Mexico's Immigration Control Efforts

Description: This report discusses the surge in unauthorized migration from Central America into Mexico and the U.S that began in 2014. Topics covered include Mexico's southern border plan, human rights concerns, and U.S. policy and developments under the Trump Administration.
Date: August 1, 2018
Creator: Seelke, Clare Ribando

U.S.-EU Trade and Economic Issues

Description: This report discusses U.S.-EU trade and economic relations, which currently face heightened tension, particularly due to the Trump Administration's trade policy, which is focusing on unilateral tariff measures under U.S. trade law and taking a critical view of the U.S. role in international economic cooperation. Given U.S.-EU historical joint leadership on global trade and economic issues, these developments could have implications for the rules-based international trading system, a foundation of the global economic order that has contributed to global economic growth and stability in the post-World War II era.
Date: August 1, 2018
Creator: Akhtar, Shayerah Ilias