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Measurement of the Slow Neutron Absorption Cross Section of Some Heavy Isotopes

Description: The following report investigates cross sections for the absorption of slow neutrons of heavy isotopes. The purpose of these measurements was to determine the cross section of an isotope of element 94 for the process of fission by the absorption of a slow neutron, relative to the cross section of U235 for the same process, that is, to measure R.
Date: 1943
Creator: English, Spofford Grady

Medical and Health Physics Quarterly Report

Description: The following quarterly report covers the period of July through September of 1950, split into three reports discussing the metabolic properties of plutonium and allied materials, biological studies of radiation effects, and health chemistry and physics.
Date: November 8, 1950
Creator: Hamilton, J. G.; Lawrence, J. H. & Garden, N.

Effect of Boron Liner on Neutron Background in Cavity

Description: Introduction: "In connection with conducting neutron experiments in a pit with earth and concrete walls, it was proposed that the background flux of neutrons might be reduced by lining the walls of the pit with a neutron absorber such as boron. To determine how much liner material would be desirable and what diminution in the neutron background could be expected, the following measurements were undertaken."
Date: January 16, 1953
Creator: Benveniste, Jack

A Proposed Particle Containment Device

Description: Abstract: A device is proposed for confining charged particles to a localized region of space by means of the alternating electric field of a resonant cavity. The motion of single electrons in the field is stable. The limitations to particle density and temperature are discussed, and found to be too severe to allow the device to serve as a reactor, although it might be a useful laboratory tool.
Date: July 8, 1953
Creator: Good, Myron L.

Lunar Height Changes in the E-Layer

Description: Abstract: "The height changes produced by vertical electronic diffusion in the presence of negative ions are examined in some detail. Application of the results to the E-layer shows that a previous qualitative discussion remains valid."
Date: October 1953
Creator: Johnson, M. H.

On the Reaction p + d [right arrow] [mu]⁺ + t

Description: Abstract: "The cross section for this reaction is calculated for three Hulthen deuteron wave functions. A hard core in the deuteron at one-half meson Compton wavelength reduces the total cross section and flattens the angular distribution in the backwards direction in agreement with experiment."
Date: February 5, 1954
Creator: Bludman, Sidney A.

A Linear, Transparent Beam Integrator

Description: Abstract: "A fast, linear air-ionization chamber has been developed for integrating and monitoring external heavy-particle beams. It consists of a thin-windowed air chamber in which the beam ionization light is viewed by a photomultiplier whose output is fed directly to a standard electrometer."
Date: February 12, 1954
Creator: Kitchen, Sumner W.

High Energy Fission and Spallation of Uranium

Description: From introduction: "This report is an attempt to examine, semiquantitavely, the way the competition between neutron emission and fission varies for heavy nuclei as a function of nuclear type and excitation energy. Many of the ideas herein are the results of discussions with R. H. Goeckermann and W. Heckrotte of the University of California Radiation Laboratory."
Date: February 25, 1954
Creator: Batzel, Roger Elwood

Monthly Progress Report No. 130

Description: The following report is a general monthly progress report conducted by the radiation laboratory of the University of California discussing experimental physics, theoretical physics, the MTA target physics program, accelerator construction and operation, biology and medicine, and a plant and equipment report. The period being covered is January 15, 1954 to February 15, 1954.
Date: March 9, 1954
Creator: Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

Physics Division Quarterly Report : November, December 1953, January 1954

Description: The following report is a quarterly report done by the Physics Division of the University of California's Radiation Laboratory, covering the period of November and December of 1953, and January of 1954. This report discusses general physics research and the development and operation of the accelerator.
Date: March 11, 1954
Creator: University of California. Radiation Laboratory. Physics Division.

Some Aspects of the Radial Stability in a Magnetic Mirror Machine

Description: Abstract: "The radial motion of an ion in an axially symmetric magnetic field is discussed. It is pointed out that particles of constant velocity have clearly defined upper limits to their radial motion. This is a result of the other constant of the motion, the canonical angular momentum. These limits are independent of the number of times an ion is reflected from the mirrors, providing the field is truly axially symmetric."
Date: March 19, 1954
Creator: Henrich, Louis R.

Medical and Health Physics Quarterly Report

Description: The following quarterly report covers a period between October, November, December of 1953 to April of 1954. The document provides reports on medical and health physics, particularly on the biological studies of radiation effects, the metabolic properties of various materials, radiation chemistry, health chemistry, and health physics.
Date: April 1954
Creator: University of California. Radiation Laboratory.