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Neutron Emission by Polonium Oxide Layers
The following report calculates how many neutrons are produced by the O-16([alpha]-n) reaction in a thin and uniform polonium oxide layer.
Consolidation and shaping of boron ; summary of previous work
From abstract: "The deposit on the rods is in the form of a brittle uneven tube which is cracked off and subsequently pulverized to a 200-mesh powder. This report is chiefly concerned with methods of consolidating this powder and shaping it into forms required, though it also discusses to some extent other methods of shaping boron or born-rich materials."
Heat Treatment and Machinability of Beryllium Rod
Purpose: "The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether or not the machinability of extruded beryllium rod could be improved by appropriate heat treatment. It was thought that this could be accomplished in the extruded Be rod by recrystallization without further growth of these grains. This should impart a certain degree of ductility to the metal. The investigations was divided into two parts: Part I - Heat Treatment of Beryllium Rod; Part II - Machinability of Beryllium Rod."
Survey of Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyon for Radioactive Contamination and Radio Assay Tests Run on Sewer-Water Samples and Water and Soil Samples Taken From Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyons
"Report of the Survey of Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyon for radioactive contamination and radioassay tests run on sewer water samples and water and soil samples taken from Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyons." The objective of this report was to determine the extent and sources of radioactive contamination in the areas studied.
Problems of Air-Borne Contamination in Handling of Pu F₄ Powders
Abstract: Studies were made of the air-borne contamination present during the operation of reducing plutonium tetrafluoride powder to the metal. Equipment design changes were made and operation technique changes were made until the amount of contamination present during operations was well below tolerance levels.
A Method for Rolling Uranium Foil
"This report gives briefly a rather simple method for fabricating foils from uranium buttons. Two log sheets one of a U-238 run and one of a U-255 run are given."
Fraunhofer Diffraction Pattern Produced by a Slit of Varying Width and its Application to High Speed Cameras
Abstract: "A theoretical and experimental investigation is made of the diffraction pattern produced by a slit, whose aperture varies uniformly from a constant value A to zero. The results of this investigation are applied to a proposed high speed camera. It is shown that diffraction effects are very serious and cannot be neglected. It seems, unless the suggested design of this high speed camera is changed, the camera will be of little use for accurate measurements, and photographs will show too much blue to give details."
Methyl Methacrylate Casting Resin
Abstract: "This report describes work done to improve the casting characteristics of methyl methacrylete resin under CMR-6-18 authorization. The experimental program was initiated with the objectives of decreasing casting time, bubble formation and shrinkage. It has been found that by use of a common solvent for monomer and polymer concentration in monomer can be attained greater than any previously reported in preparation of a methacrylate casting resign. Incorporation of this greater amount of polymer has produced the desired effects. A bibliography of relevant literature is included to which reference is made in the text."
Installation of a Chemical Research Laboratory
Installation of a chemical research laboratory.
The Neutron Energy Distribution in the Center of the Los Alamos Plutonium Reactor
The following report examines the fission counter, fission plates and activation results of the neutron energy distribution in the center of the Los Alamos plutonium reactor.
Determination of Particle Size Distribution and Surface Area by Photometry
The following report describes procedures taken to utilize the photelometer to procure the most rapid and reliable determinations, but the goal of the tests presented was to create satisfactory dispersions of particles to analyze.
Effect of Temperature and Reactivity Changes in Operation of the Los Alamos Plutonium Reactor
The operation of the Fast Reactor is considered in terms of normal equilibrium conditions and normal shut-down. The proposed loading, control rod adjustment and subsequent "floating" operation are discussed. Safety devices and interlocks are described. Temperature and reactivity changes are examined with respect to various system failures, phase changes, and "flashing" of the reactor. Slow changes due to faulty slug cooling are also considered. The calculations were initially based upon 10 kw operation. Performance tests of the mercury system now indicate that 20-kw operation may be feasible.
The Mathematical Development of the End-Point Method
Detailed study of the mathematically developed end-point method and its application to the Milne kernel.
Isolation of High Activities of Xe¹³⁵ at the Omega Water Boiler
This report records two samples of Xe-135 that have been isolated with activities sufficient for the measurement of the cross section of Xe by the velocity spectrometer technique.
Safety Tests on Hand Stacking of U-235 Cubes
From abstract: "Critical assembly tests have been made on the Pajarito Universal Machine to determine the safety limits of handstacking cubes of 95% U-235 in spherical geometries preparatory to making critical assemblies of U-235 in an "infinite" tuballoy tamper. The U-235 cubes were stacked as pseudospheres in a cavity at the top of a tuballoy block 12" high and 8" on a side, and the assembly tamped by locating it inside a doughnut shaped water tank whose tamping effect is equivalent to the tamping caused by personnel necessary for hand stacking."
A Modified Decade Scaler: Final Report on Project Authorization Number CMR-3-5
Final report describing the development and usage of an automatic decade scaler which operates for a fixed number of counts, developed for use with a Geiger tube.
Fabrication of Uranium Wire
From abstract: "The present report describes experimental work performed to establish a procedure for the production of uranium metal wire. In all cases, the size of the initial rod was 1/2 inch diameter. Three materials were used: hot extruded tuballoy rod, high purity cast tuballoy rod, and cast U-235 rod."
Spontaneous Fission of 48
Report discussing an experiment to reinvestigate the spontaneous fission of 48 (Pu-238) in an effort to determine a more accurate value for the spontaneous fission constant that was found in a previous experiment.
Preliminary Report on Thermal and Electrical Conductivities of Some Plutonium-Aluminum Alloys
Abstract: "The thermal and electrical conductivities of a series of Pu-Al alloys have been determined in the range 0.12 atomic percent Pu. The conductivities are approximately proportional to the volume of free aluminum."
The Decontamination of Uranium from Fission Products by the Use of the Uranyl Oxalate Precipitation Reaction
Abstract: "Decontamination factors of the order of 10-4 were obtained for Beta and Gamma emitters present as fission products when uranium was precipitated from 50 mC activity level solutions as uranyl oxalate under normal uranium yield conditions for three cycles (~60%). Factors of the order of 10-3 were obtained by the use of this reaction with similar solutions under relatively high uranium yield conditions for three cycles (~90%). The uranium peroxide precipitation reaction proved to be of no value on such solutions, yielding decontamination factors of only 17.1 Beta emitters and 1.2 for Gamma emitters for three cycles."
The Reaction of Uranium With Purified Water
Report discussing the reaction of uranium with pure water. The reaction was followed by using a method of measuring hydrogen evolution.
Bibliography : Impact Testing of Materials
The bibliography provided investigates the following sources: Chemical Abstracts 1947-1950., Metallurgical Abstracts Vols. 1-18., ASM Review of Metals Literature Vols. 1-6., J. Institute of Metals Vols. 78-80 (No. 7)., Physics Abstracts 1937-1950.
Plasma Thermocoufle Development
A report about a thermionic converter which has been constructed for the purpose of evaluating the effect of radiation shields in the interelectrode space.
Separation of a Shock Wave Into Elastic and Plastic Waves, and Measurement of the Pressure of the Elastic Wave
"Hydrodynamic theory predicts that if a shock wave in a metal is not too strong it will separate into two waves." This report discusses a modification of the contactor technique to determine the velocities of the two waves simultaneously for samples of steel and tungsten alloy.
Notes on Evaporation of Target Materials
Abstract: "The general utility of vacuum evaporated films is discussed. The characteristics that makes this technique most useful are the uniformity of the films, the easy control of their thickness over a large range, and the adaptability of the system to different metals and compounds. The design of a vacuum evaporator should provide adequate pumping speed, cooling of components, filament heater supply, and general flexibility and adaptability of the components to different materials. The design of filaments or boats and the evaporation of Al, Ag, Au, Li, Na, UCl4, ThF4, Be, SiO, Nal (Tl), U, and UO2 are considered. Special attention is given to the problem of obtaining uniform layers of UO2 on a large, flat target relatively close to the source."
Separation of Americium From Lanthanum by Fractional Oxalate Precipitation From Homogeneous Solution
Report discussing a study in which "a separation of americum from americum-lanthanum mixtures is obtained by the fractional precipitation of dilanthanum trioxalate from homogeneous solution."
Los Alamos Power Reactor Experiment and its Associated Hazards
The following report describes the high pressure and temperature homogeneous reactor experiment which has been started at Los Alamos, as well as the hazards and safety aspects for the experiments.
Table of the Racah and Z coefficients
Report describing Racah and Z coefficients. Formulas and results are detailed in the report.
Determination of Hydrogen in Lithium Hydride
Abstract: "A method for determining hydrogen in lithium hydride by heating samples with lead at 600 C, was developed. The hydrogen evolved during thermal decomposition of the hydride is purified and oxidized to water with cupric oxide at 400 C. The analysis is completed by collecting and weighing this water. Success in development of the analytical procedure has depended upon a careful design and assembly of equipment for handling samples in a dry, inert atmosphere. For seven pure hydride samples analyzed by the recommended method the estimates of the standard deviation varied between 0.12 and 0.41 percent lithium hydride (or 1.3 and 4.2 parts per thousand) for 8 to 18 determinations on each sample. The procedure is relatively insensitive to variations in certain conditions. For single-piece samples weighing 0.2 to 0.5 gram it was found to be more satisfactory than a method which uses mercury in place of lead for sample decomposition. For powdered lithium hydride samples the lead and mercury methods are equally satisfactory."
Proposed Electron Probe of the Discharge Current in the Perhapsatron
Report discussing a proposed electron probe that is connected to the discharge current from a device called the Perhapsatron. "The Perhapsatron is an apparatus for the study of the type of magnetic containment known as the 'pinch effect.'"
Separation of Small Amounts of Scandium From Uranium
Abstract: A method for separating small amounts of scandium (1 to 10 mg.) from a gram of uranium depends upon formation of insoluble uranium peroxide while the scandium in solution is complexed with ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid. The precipitated peroxide carries down less than 30 p.p.m. of scandium. Uranium left in solution, less than one milligram in amount, does not interfere when the scandium is precipitated as ammonium scandium tartrate and determined gravimetrically by ignition of the tartrate to the oxide.
Sample Collector and Counter
From abstract: "An apparatus is described which automatically separates a flow of drops into a series of equal samples."
The Particle-in-Cell Method for Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Problems
The following report presents a discussion of the method for hydrodynamic problems, together with some new considerations that have arisen concerning the method.
Estimated Upper Bounds to the Half-Life of Thermal Decomposition of Ammonia, Hydrogen, Methane, and Propane
An estimate was made of the upper bound for the half-time of dissociation at 100 atm for ammonia, methane, and propane at 2500 deg K and hydrogen at 5000 deg K. In each case a unimolecular reactron in the homogeneous gas phase was chosen as most suitable for this purpose. Slater's theory has been used to estimate the necessary frequency factors. The upper bounds to the half- time for dissociation range from 3 x 10⁻⁷ to 6 x 10⁻⁶ sec. Extrapolation of decomposition rate data obtained at --1000 deg C and 1 atm pressure gives smaller values for the half-time of dissociation.
Fall-Out Studies with a Laboratory Controlled Model
From abstract: "To seek information for a better understanding of the phenomena involved in fall-out, a fireball effect was simulated in a small closed room by subjecting various materials to a high-current (~360 amp.) are produced between graphite electrodes, and anode being impregnated with radioactive materials. The time duration of the arc, power dissipated, and distance from the samples were controlled. The radioactivity which remained airborne, that which settled out onto the floor and its distribution, and that deposited on the test material was measured, and percentages of the total measured activity were determined."
Kinematics of the Relativistic Two-Body Problem
Abstract: "The kinematics of elastic scattering, inelastic scattering, and the two body reaction problem is developed in the relativistic limit and exact expressions obtained for the energies, angles, and solid-angle transformations involved. The results are specialized for zero rest mass of one or more of the particles involved. An outline for the coding of the problem on the I.B.M. Electronic Data Processing Machine, Type 701 is presented."
An Optical Fallout Analogue
This report describes the optical analogue that contains an optical filtering system which controls the intensity of light according to the assumed initial distribution of activity over height and particle size and according to the assumed decay rate, a size control system which depends on the lateral dimensions of the cloud of debris and adjusts the size of the light beam accordingly, and a position control system which moves the beam to the correct position on the plate as determined by the wind structure and the time of fall of the particles.
Process Development of 2,2-Dinitropropyl Acrylate
Abstract: Developmental production of approximately 500 pounds of 2,2-dinitropropanol and 250 pounds of 2,2-dinitropropyl acrylate was carried out in a 50-gallon capacity stainless-steel reactor system. The intermediate alcohol was produced in a yield of 73%. The ester was made with a yield of 78%. Cost studies show that the manufacturing cost for DNPA monomer should approximate $2.70 per pound on a production basis of 30,000 pounds, with an indicated plant cost of $4.60 per pound for the polymeric form.
Simple Critical Mass Calculations
Abstract: "This report gives (1) a simple empirical equation which should yield critical mass values of homogeneous, partially moderated, unreflected spherical assemblies with an accuracy of a factor two, and (2) critical mass estimates obtained from from (1) for Oy-C-H and Oy-W-CH2 systems."
Influence of Gamma Irradiation on RG 8/U Cable
Abstract: "Static measurements have been made of the currents produced by Co-60 gamma irradiation of solid dielectric RG 8/U cable. Sensitivity curves are presented as a function of the magnitude and polarity of the collection voltage to 90 volts. It is shown that the current is due to a polarity- and voltage-sensitive ionization component and to a polarity- and voltage-insensitive component attributed to the Compton process. The total cable sensitivity at -90 volts, with saturation not achieved, was (11 +/- 1) x 10-(-12) coulomb per roentgen-meter of cable, or 0.08 percent of what one would expect from ionization in an air dielectric cable of this volume."
Air, Precipitation, and Surface Contamination at Certain Localities in New Mexico from Operation Teapot, Spring 1955
The following report describes the findings of air samplings taken that followed the Wasp detonation of Operation Teapot.
The Wind Variability of Fall-Out Patterns
The following report investigates part of the variability of the computed fall-out intensity patterns due to the variability of the winds, on the basis of winds from four Pacific shot days. An extreme case from Operation Sandstone is also considered.
A Survey of Some Los Alamos County Canyons for Radioactive Contamination, Spring 1953 to Spring 1955
Abstract: This document is a survey analysis of soil samples from Los Alamos, Pueblo, Bayo, and Mortandad canyons to determine the presence and activities of radioactive contaminants. Also included are the results of analyses of a few samples of grass and of surface water. This survey covers the period from spring 1953 to spring 1955.
Solution of the initial value problem for the linearized multi-velocity transport equation with a slab geometry
From preface: "This thesis treats an initial value problem which arises in many branches of physical science, namely the one stemming from the velocity-dependent integro-differential transport equation."
The Visible Radiation from Helium in a Strong Shock Wave
This report follows experiments on the behavior of helium when interacting with shock waves and the physical radioactive evidence following.
Radioactive Decontamination Tests on Surgeon's Gloves Contaminated With Plutonium
Report discussing the effectiveness of various methods for removing plutonium from contaminated gloves. The cost of decontaminating the gloves using the most effective method was three times the cost of new gloves, and "consumer resistance" was noted among users of treated gloves.
On the Possibility of Extracting Energy from Gravitational Systems by Navigating Space Vehicles
This report describes a number of problems, generally involving the possibility of using reserved kinetic energy in such a way as to acquire, by suitable near collisions with one or the other of the celestial bodies discussed, much more kinetic energy that it possesses -- more by an order of magnitude than the available reserve energy would allow it to acquire by itself.
The Rolling of Gold Sheet for LAPRE 2 Pressure Liner
From abstract: "This report discusses a special handling procedure devised to prevent contamination of high-purity gold while processing the metal from cast billet to final sheet. Gold of 99.99% purity was cast into rectangular billets and rolled into sheet whose final dimensions were 48 by 12-1/2 by 0.015 inch...As a final step, the sheet was annealed dead-soft in preparation for subsequent forming operations."
Instrumentation and Some Related Problems for Neutron Flux Measurement of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Kiwi-A Reactor
Abstract: "A description of the instrumentation for neutron flux measurement from Kiwi-A at NTS is given as some discussion of start-up considerations, detector design, system response adjustments, and power calibration of the reactor at some low level of power."
Preliminary Investigation of a Five-Crystal Scintillation Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Abstract: A five-crystal scintillation gamma-ray spectrometer was constructed for use as a Compton coincidence spectrometer or as a pair coincidence spectrometer. Preliminary tests are discussed. The efficiency in either mode of operation was found to be low; however, the backgrounds were favorable and good definition of characteristic lines was achieved...Future tests and plans for improvements are discussed."