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Research Plan for Marine Turtle Fibropapilloma

Description: The following report is the results of a workshop held to determine the cause of fibropapilloma (lobulated tumors), thereby ultimately leading to solutions and effective strategies for containment. The urgent need to solve this problem arises from the unanimous belief among the workshop participants that this disease will continue to affect populations of turtles locally and worldwide, adding further to their survival difficulties. The workshop was held in December of 1990 and the research behind the workshop results from about 10 years of observing the species.
Date: March 1991
Creator: Balazs, George H. & Pooley, Samuel G.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Lisianski Island, 1988 and 1990

Description: The following document is a report on an observational study around the Hawaiian monk seal on Lisianski Island in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands between 16-18 of May to 29th of August and the 10th of June to the 11th of August 1990. The data collected is based around reproduction and factors affecting survival as well ashaul-out patterns and population structure.
Date: March 1993
Creator: Lee, Margaret M.; Timme, Leslie K.; VanToorenburg, Richard & Becker, Brenda L.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, 1996

Description: This document describes field studies of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in 1996. The studies provide information on the status and trends of monk seal populations, natural history traits (survival, reproduction, growth, behavior, and feeding habits), and the success of various activities designed to facilitate population growth.
Date: March 1999
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Ragen, Timothy J.