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Zirconium Pilot Plant Research and Development Progress Report

Description: The following progress report was compiled by the research and development division of the zirconium pilot plant. This report discusses two iodination and deposition runs that were completed as of August 20, 1951, as well as the third iodination run that uses a vaporizer condenser that condenses approximately 40 pounds of zirconium iodide.
Date: September 20, 1951
Creator: Accountius, O. E.; Black, D. G.; Dryden, C. E.; Finney, B. C.; Gruber, B. A.; Jurevic, W. G. et al.

Zirconium Pilot Plant Research and Development Progress Report

Description: The following report studies the effect of flow rates and deposition pressure on the zirconium deposition in the zirconium pilot plant with the use of a Hilco oil purifier for the vacuum pumps that permitted studies to continue through the month.
Date: November 20, 1951
Creator: Dryden, C. E.; Accountius, O. E.; Black, D. G.; Finney, B. C.; Gruber, B. A.; Jurevic, W. G. et al.

Progress Report on Nonaqueous Extractive Methods for Western Uranium Ores

Description: The following progress reports continues the investigation of the HCl-acetone process for extracting uranium, discovering that it is applicable to most Western ores, yielding high uranium recoveries. The economics of the process have been improved by substitution of sulfuric acid for part of the hydrochloric acid requirements.
Date: April 20, 1954
Creator: Ewing, R. A.; Pobereskin, M.; Kiehl, S. J.; Foley, D. D.; Filbert, Robert B.; Kimball, R. B. et al.

Vapor-Deposited Zirconium on Uranium

Description: From introduction: "This report describes the second phase of the work on the application of protective coatings to uranium by vapor deposition to reduce or prevent its corrosion by water."
Date: July 20, 1955
Creator: Powell, Carroll F.; Jones, Robert P.; Girod, Fleet T. & Campbell, Ivor E.

Centrifugal Casting of Aluminum-Uranium Alloys

Description: "Centrifugal-casting techniques were investigated as a method of producing hollow cylindrical extrusion billets of aluminum-35 w/o uranium. Among the variables evaluated were melt temperature, mold and pouring-spout configurations, mold speed, and method of pouring. With the equipment employed it was found that the best castings were produced stilizing a pouring temperature of 2400 F, a heavy-walled steel cylinder rotating between 700 to 900 rpm for the mold and bottom-pouring technique employing a retractable pouring spout. Sound, nonporous billets 26 in. long and 5 in. in diameter were produced with a yield after machining of over 75 per cent of the original charge. The major losses occurred in the pouring spout-and-cup assembly. This loss is relatively unaffected by the casting length; and, therefore, coatings of greater length than 26 in. should results in even greater recoveries.
Date: July 20, 1959
Creator: Daniel, Norman E.; Foster, Ellis L. & Dickerson, Ronald F.