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The Fabrication of Thorium Tubes

Description: Abstract: "Thorium tubes were cold drawn from extruded tube stock and also from drilled hot-rolled rod. Total reductions up to approximately 85 per cent were accomplished by conventional tube-drawing methods, without an intermediate anneal. The hard-drawn tubes had high tensile strength, but the ductility, as indicated by flaring and flattening tests, was low."
Date: January 16, 1953
Creator: Saller, Henry A. & Keeler, J. R.

The Fabrication of Subassemblies for the Supercritical-Water Reactor

Description: In studies of the fabrication of fuel subassemblies for the supercritical-water reactor, the limited ductility of stainless steel-UO₂ fuel sheet made the fabrication of corrugated-flat-plate-type subassemblies impractical. A fabricable MTR-type assembly, 5/8 in. square and 30 in. long, was developed. Methods for edge cladding fuel sheet were developed and a brazing alloy, GE-75, was found to be corrosion resistant in supercritical water.
Date: August 16, 1954
Creator: Keeler, J. R. & Hare, Alan W.