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The Ductility of Brazed Stainless Steel Joints

Description: Abstract: "The ductility of Type 310 stainless steel T-joints brazed with GE-62 brazing alloy was measured at room temperatures 1200, 1650, and 1800 F. The measure of ductility was taken as the plastic axial strain required to crack braze fillets in T-section tensile specimens. At elevated temperatures, the ductility of as-brazed joints approximated that of the stainless steel, but at room temperature the brazed joints had only one-tenth the ductility of the base metal. Annealing for 16 hr at 1800 F in air was found to triple the room-temperature ductility of the brazed joint."
Date: July 8, 1953
Creator: Saller, Henry A.; Stacy, J. T. & Eddy, N. S.

Welded Closures for Fuel Elements

Description: From abstract: "The inert-gas metal-arc welding process was used to determine weldability studies of various aluminum alloys that are being considered for use as can materials. The solid-phase and induction welding processes were also investigated for making can closures."
Date: October 8, 1953
Creator: Sopher, R. P.; Martin, G. E.; Grable, G. B.; Voldrich, C. B.; Leatherman, A. F. & Todd, F. C.