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Estimated Manufacturing Costs for the Recovery of Thorium and Uranium from Monazite Sand

Description: Abstract: "Costs have been estimated for the production of uranium and pure thorium from monasite concentrates by a process involving (1) reaction of monasite with caustic soda, (2) dissolution of the hydrous oxides in hydrochloric acid, (3) separation from the bulk of the rare earths by hydroxide precipitation of thorium and uranium, and (4) purification by solvent extraction."
Date: September 15, 1950
Creator: Calkins, G. D. & Filbert, R. B., Jr.

Zirconium Research and Development : Progress Report

Description: From introduction: "This is the ninth monthly report, BMI-514, under Contract No. AT(30-1)-771 on "Zirconium Research and Development". The report covers the work period from September 15, 1950, to October 15, 1950. Work is continuing on the preparation of large-diameter zirconium crystal bars in the 16-inch-diameter de Boer unit. Crystal bars up to 1-5/16 inches in diameter and 8 feet long have been prepared in this unit."
Date: October 15, 1950
Creator: Bulkowski, H. H.; Sebenick, J. J.; Campbell, Ivor E. & Gonser, B. W.

Mineralogical Examination of Pitchblende Concentrates and Nitric Acid Digest Residues

Description: This report has two parts to it discussing mineralogical examination of pitchblende concentrates and nitric acid digest residues. Part I gives the results of a cursory examination with the petrographic microscope of samples of pitchblende concentrates and residues to see if there is a relationship between the mineral composition of the samples and the filterability of the residue. Part II gives a revaluation of the data in Report BMI-241 on the mineral composition of two residues from the nitric acid digestion of pitchblende concentrates at the Rallinckrodt Chemical Works.
Date: February 9, 1951
Creator: Scott, D. W.; Tangel, O. F. & Richardson, A. C.

Engineering Properties of High-Density Concretes

Description: From summary: "Methods were developed for measuring various engineering properties of high-density concretes. Data are presented on selected thermal properties of a limonite-iron concrete and the mechanical properties of the limonite-iron concrete, a magnesium oxychloride concrete, and a Portland cement concrete containing steel punchings and shot (no limonite)."
Date: May 1951
Creator: Snyder, M. Jack; Burkart, C. A. & Clegg, John W.

Grain Refinement of Uranium by Alloying

Description: Binary alloys of uranium with 38 elements in the range 0.01 to 1.0 at.% were made. Three alloys having nominal compositions of 0.01, 0.1, and 1.0 at.% were made with most of the elements, and in addition, 12 ternary and quaternary alloys were made. The alloys were cast, rolled to 7/8-inch-diameter bars, heat treated, and examined for grain size.
Date: June 1, 1951
Creator: Saller, Henry A.; Keeler, J. R. & Eddy, N. S.

Jacketing of Uranium for High-Temperture Service

Description: From introduction: "The work covered in this report is a portion of the experimental research undertaken for the design of a uranium-containing metallic fuel rod for operation in air at 1090 C...This report deals with that phase which involved the testing and evaluation of various metals as barrier costs between uranium alloys, and low-carbon steel. The work is of a preliminary nature and is concerned more with a comparison of the various barrier metals than with the acquisition of numerical data, e.g., diffusion coefficients."
Date: June 1, 1951
Creator: Saller, Henry A. & Stacy, J. T.

Zirconium Pilot Plant Research and Development Progress Report

Description: The following progress report was compiled by the research and development division of the zirconium pilot plant. This report discusses two iodination and deposition runs that were completed as of August 20, 1951, as well as the third iodination run that uses a vaporizer condenser that condenses approximately 40 pounds of zirconium iodide.
Date: September 20, 1951
Creator: Accountius, O. E.; Black, D. G.; Dryden, C. E.; Finney, B. C.; Gruber, B. A.; Jurevic, W. G. et al.

Zirconium Pilot Plant Research and Development Progress Report

Description: The following report studies the effect of flow rates and deposition pressure on the zirconium deposition in the zirconium pilot plant with the use of a Hilco oil purifier for the vacuum pumps that permitted studies to continue through the month.
Date: November 20, 1951
Creator: Dryden, C. E.; Accountius, O. E.; Black, D. G.; Finney, B. C.; Gruber, B. A.; Jurevic, W. G. et al.

Tungsten-Arc Welding of Ames Thorium and Thorium Alloys

Description: This report follows an investigation made on the welding of Ames thorium by the inert-gas-shielded tungsten-arc process as the first part of a program on the joining of thorium. This program is part of a broader research program to develop the technology of thorium.
Date: January 15, 1952
Creator: Monroe, Robert E.; Martin, D. C. & Voldrich, C. B.

Identification of Slag Constituents from Uranium Metal Production Bombs

Description: Abstract: "X-ray and microscopic examination of slags from uranium metal production bombs which gave good and bad yields in the plant at St. Louis have indicated the significance of uranium oxide formation. Apparently the oxide (UO2) results from reaction of the UF4 with linear material, particularly with moisture in the liner."
Date: January 31, 1952
Creator: Vaughan, D. A.; Cocks, G. G. & Schwartz, C. M.

The Determination of Rare Earths in Thorium

Description: Abstract: "A quantitative method for the determination of individual rare earths in thorium down to a level of 0.05 ppm, is described. The procedure consists of a chromatographic cellulose-columns separation followed by a solution-type spectrographic determination. Values are given for the recovery of a number of rare earths using this combined procedure."
Date: May 15, 1952
Creator: Center, E. J.; Henry, W. M. & Householder, R. D.

Alloys of Uranium with Zirconium, Chromium, Columbium, Vanadium, and Molybdenum

Description: Abstract: Information on five uranium binary alloy systems has been surveyed. These systems are the alloys of uranium with zirconium, chromium, columbium, vanadium, and molybdenum. The equilibrium diagrams are discussed, and where available, data have been included on diffusion studies, cladding experiments, and mechanical properties.
Date: June 19, 1952
Creator: Saller, Henry A. & Rough, Frank A.

Experimental Fabrication of a Lightweight Control Rod

Description: Abstract: "The possibility of fabricating a lightweight control rod from one of several high cross-section materials was investigated. The major effort was directed toward the development of a titanium-clad rod containing a composite core of 25 weight per cent Gd2O3 in a matrix of titanium. Experimentation on both subscale and full-scale control-rod cores showed that the fabricating behavior of the two was not analogous. To roll the full-scale core successfully, it was necessary to lower the oxide content to 17 weight per cent. Subscale investigations were also carried out on titanium-cadmium, titanium-lanthanum, and titanium-gadolinium alloys."
Date: July 1, 1952
Creator: Saller, Henry A.; Stacy, J. T. & Keller, D. L.