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Mound Laboratory Liquid Waste Disposal Research Quarterly Report for April - June, 1950

Description: The following report is a quarterly report conducted by the Monsanto Chemical Company for liquid waste disposal research, covering the period April through June, 1950. This report discusses experiments that were carried out with both neutralized second-cycle wastes and pure isotope which show that, in general, the presence of fluoride ion does not interfere with the removal of fission products from waste solutions.
Date: July 1, 1950
Creator: Monsanto Chemical Company

Engineering Study of Evaporation for Concentrating Radioactive Liquid Wastes : Engineering Research Final Report

Description: Summary: "The problem of evaporation of secondary radioactive wastes resulting from waste disposal studies at Mound Laboratoy has been studied experimentally to determine the fundamental design characteristics of a plant size unit. Emphasis, of course, was on decontamination, but the factors affecting foaming and scaling also had to be investigated and evaluated. Generally speaking, the final design is a standard type of evaporator, the only unique feature being the relation of the two effects. Where critical, as affecting performance, the particular design features have been specified."
Date: November 1, 1950
Creator: Bates, R. L. & McEwen, M.

Bismuth Casting and Canning : (Information Report)

Description: Introduction: The experimental work at Mound Laboratory on bismuth casting and the sealing of aluminum irradiation containers is an outgrowth of the bismuth recovery project. Since the recovered bismuth contains residual activity it is necessary that the bismuth be processed to the point that no contamination will result from shipment or any subsequent operations required to prepare the bismuth for irradiation. In order to satisfy these requirements the work here has consisted of investigating methods of preparing the bismuth slugs in the shapes required and of mechanically sealing the aluminum container.
Date: June 16, 1952
Creator: Engle, Paul