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Grape Diseases on the Pacific Coast.
Describes three major diseases affecting grapes in California and other Pacific Coast states, and ways to prevent them.
Spraying for fruit diseases.
Describes fungous diseases of grapes, apples, pears, quince, cherries, and plums. Includes recipes for fungicides and descriptions of spraying equipment used for treatment.
How to Grow Mushrooms.
A guide to growing mushrooms, with instructions for sorting and packing for shipment.
The Black Rot of the Cabbage.
Describes the black rot disease of cabbage, sources of infection, and suggestions for its prevention.
The Grain Smuts: How They Are Caused and How to Prevent Them.
Discusses the types of smut that affect cereal crops. Provides instructions for treating seed to increase crop production.
Potato diseases and their treatment.
Describes the diseases which affect potato crops, and methods for control.