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Beans, peas, and other legumes as food.
Describes several varieties of beans, peas, and other legumes. Discusses the composition and digestibility of legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts. Discusses several different ways to prepare them for use in foods or other products.
Meadows for the northern states.
Describes the different varieties of clover, hay grasses, and regular grasses that are found in and best suited to meadow lands in the northeastern and midwestern United States; also explains methods of seeding and fertilizing.
Drying crude drugs.
Explains the fundamental principles of drying crude vegetable drugs. Provides drawings and instructions for constructing two types of driers.
The hard red spring wheats.
Describes the characteristics and varieties of hard red wheats that are sown in the spring in the north-central United States.
Beef Production in the Cotton Belt.
Contains information on methods of producing beef in the cotton-growing states.
Dahlias for the Home.
Discusses the appeal of dahlias; describes the different varieties and how to grow them successfully at home.
Laws Relating to Fur Animals for the Season 1923-24.
Discusses regulations for the trapping of fur animals during the 1923-1924 season.
Tomatoes for canning and manufacturing.
Describes the steps necessary for successfully producing tomatoes for canning.
The Geology of Denton County
Book that discusses the geology of Denton County, Texas. Topics include the county's physiographic subdivisions, geologic formations, and economically valuable geological features.
Anthracnose as a cause of red-clover failure in the southern part of the Clover Belt.
Describes the characteristics of anthracnose, the damage it causes to red clover in the southern part of the Clover Belt, and methods of control; also discusses the development of strains of red clover resistant to anthracnose.
Systems of livestock farming in the Black Prairie Belt of Alabama and Mississippi.
Describes farming systems in which dairy, beef, and sheep production are combined with the production of cotton and Johnson grass hay.
Preparing Johnson hay for market in the Black Prairie belt of Alabama and Mississippi.
Presents the case for raising the demand for Johnson Hay for the market and stresses the need for raising and maintaining a higher level of quality in order to achieve this end. Includes examples of hay making practices.
Game laws for the season 1929-30 : a summary of federal, state and provincial statutes.
Describes the laws and regulations regarding hunting and fishing in North America.
Lamb as You Like It.
Describes uses for lamb meat in meals; provides recipes and methods for its preparation in various dishes.
Utilization of flue-heated tobacco barns for sweetpotato storage.
Provides instructions for converting a tobacco barn into a storage area for sweet potatoes. Includes information on harvesting, curing, and cost considerations.
Eradicating Tuberculosis From Poultry and Swine.
Describes tuberculosis and provides steps for preventing and combating the disease in poultry and swine.
Farm water power.
Describes the design and management of the hydroelectric water plant.
Arbor day, its purpose and observance.
Discusses Arbor Day as a holiday that recognizes the importance of United States forests and discusses a citizen's duty to preserve them and foster new growth of trees.
Production of Kale.
Describes the varieties of kale and best practices for growing and marketing it.
Psocids, Annoying House Pests.
Describes the characteristics of psocids, their habits, and steps that can be taken to control psocids in the home.
Feeding dairy cows.
Describes many types of dairy-cow feeds, their nutritive value, and their functions. Includes instructions for feed preparation and feeding recommendations for various situations.
Summer crops for green manure and soil improvement.
Examines varieties of summer crops that improve soil and green manure; describes different methods of green-manuring.
Three species of the genus Lygus and their relation to alfalfa seed production in southern Arizona and California.
Describes the characteristics of a variety of Lygus and its habits which lead to damaged alfalfa seed in southern Arizona and California.
Grinding machines
This report provides the definition of grinding and discusses different processes, types, and operations of grinding.
A guide to the operation and maintenance of lathes for general shop work.
Railway shop battalion.
"This manual explains the organization and operation of railway shop battalion for employment on a standard military railway. Its purpose is to assist railway shop battalion officers in the training and operation of their units, and to guide command and staff officers charged with the employment of railway shop battalions."
Diseases of strawberries.
Describes the multitude of diseases that afflict strawberries, and methods of controlling them.
Field studies of insecticides used to control cabbage caterpillars in the South.
Describes the damage that cabbage caterpillars can cause to plants, and provides the results of scientific research on insecticides to control the caterpillars in the southern United States.
Army medical supply depot.
A guide for army medical supply depot personnel. Discusses establishment, operation, organization, employment, and training standards.
Life history and habits of the peachtree borer in the Southeastern states.
Describes the studies of the peach tree borer at different stages of life, its history, and the damage it causes to peach trees.
Lupines : new legumes for the South.
A guide to growing the lupine plant for use as a winter cover crop.
Techniques of Fishpond Management.
A guide to stocking and managing a farm fish pond, for use as a source of food during wartime.
Antiaircraft artillery field manual : formations and inspections.
"The purpose of this manual is to prescribe formations and procedures for anti-aircraft artillery units and for ceremonies and inspections."
Armored infantry battalion.
Describes "the tactical employment of the armored infantry battalion, both as part of a larger force, and when acting independently."
Armored infantry company.
Describes the organization, tactics, and techniques of the armored infantry rifle company.
Barracks, portable, prefrabricated, 20' x 48' steel (channel frame) insulated : procedure for erecting.
Provides step by step instructions for the erection of prefabricated Army buildings and possible additional units. Provides a list of parts and markings.
Field artillery trainer, M3.
A guide to the use and maintenance of the field artillery trainer M3, a miniature gun mounted on a miniature carriage for use in conduct of fire training.
Serological water baths : items 4479008 and 4480008.
A guide to the operation of standard gable type water baths suitable for Wassermann or serological inactivation work.
Tank destroyer pioneer platoon.
Describes "the tactical employment of the self-propelled tank destroyer pioneer platoon."
Tank destroyer reconnaissance platoon.
A World War II Army manual describing "the tactical employment of the tank destroyer reconnaissance platoon ... of both the towed and self-propelled battalions."
Telephone switchboard operating procedure.
A procedures manual for Army telephone switchboard operators.
Using 2,4-D safely.
Describes the chemical broadleaf herbicide 2,4-D, and methods of applying it to prevent damage to farm crops, animals, and humans.
Taming runaway waters
Describes the damage caused and the economic impact of floods and fast-moving water. Discusses the role of soil and water management programs in flood control.
Operating loans for better farming, better living.
Presents 16 frequently asked questions and their answers in relation to procuring operating loans for farms.
Order and store fertilizer and insecticides early, for your 1951 cotton crop.
A brochure encouraging farmers to purchase fertilizer and insectides early, due to limited supplies of these products and the need for increased cotton production in 1951.
Liming soils for better farming.
Describes different types of liming materials and provides instructions for liming soils.
Potato growing in the western states.
Describes the best ways to grow and produce potatoes in the Western United States, and ways to combat insects and diseases.
Diseases and parasites of minks.
A reference manual of mink diseases for the mink rancher. Does not encourage diagnosis or treatment without the advice of a veterinarian.
High-grade timothy and clover hay : methods of producing, baling, and loading for market.
Discusses the conditions necessary to produce high-quality hay. Includes suggestions for preparing hay for market.
The soil that went to town.
Describes the problem of soil erosion and methods for its prevention, in an elementary story format.